VIE 10 DE ABRIL DE 2020 - 14:40hs.
Portugal offers 10 tips for responsible use of online casinos

With the closure of physical casinos, bettors are able to find an alternative in the digital world. However, there are some precautions to be taken to ensure to play safely and responsibly in an online casino. The recommendation is from, whith 10 tips when visiting a betting site during or after the quarantine. “We created the #stayhome campaign where we appeal to people to stay at home,” comments Pedro Garcia, head of Marketing for the company.

“Given the moment we are going through when quarantine is one of our greatest weapons against COVID-19, we wanted to give a simple recommendation to our players. We created the #stayhome campaign where we call for people to stay at home with their families and to get through this moment as safely as possible,” explains Garcia.

The list of advices:

1 - A player must always keep in mind that the game is only a form of entertainment and, as such, he must control his actions. advises you to play consciously and rationally, establishing a maximum limit of gains and losses of money and the time you want to spend with it;
2 - If he finds that he is exceeding the limits imposed by him, the player may be facing an alarm signal. This control must always be kept in mind;
3 - People with recognized and untreated gambling problems should not gamble;
4. - Gamblers must not ask for loans or incur debts or damage their family, social or professional life for gambling. If they find that any of these situations are happening, they should consider the need to request professional help;
5 - Always keep in mind that gambling is not a way of obtaining gains, as they depend entirely on luck or chance or the probability of the occurrence of uncertain events;
6 - If the bettor intends to play to recover losses, he must not do so;
7 - You must play lucidly and consciously and never under the influence of substances that may affect decisions, that prevent or in any way harm or weaken the will and the responsibility for the respective acts;
8 - Do not use gamble to forget or escape the problems and difficulties of everyday life;
9 - Stop to rest and check what has already been won and / or lost;
10 - Never allow minors under 18 to access the player account.

Source: GMB