VIE 10 DE ABRIL DE 2020 - 16:15hs.
President's decision

Bolsonaro guarantees opening of lottery stores despite restriction of states

Jair Bolsonaro informed through social networks that he updated a decree with the objective of authorizing the operation of lottery stores throughout the country, despite the decision of each state to close commercial establishments due to the coronavirus crisis. 'In Brazil, 2,463 lottery houses are closed by state or municipal decrees. In order for them to function in full, I updated Decree 10,282', said the president on Twitter.

On Saturday (21), Caixa Econômica Federal had already suspended, for three months, the draws of the Federal Lottery in an attempt to contain the progress of the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil.

"Caixa informs that, in continuity with the measures to support society, in order to reduce the impacts brought about by the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the draws of the Federal Lottery from the 5478-0 extraction are suspended for 3 months," said the original statement.

The president's decision comes amid criticism of governors over restrictions rules imposed in some states. On Tuesday (24), in a national statement, the president attacked the measures taken by some states such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The original decree on what could or could not work was published on March 20 and states that the restrictions measures cannot affect part of the exercise of economic activities.

The text defines public services and essential activities as "those indispensable to meet the urgent needs of the community, thus considered those that, if not met, endanger the survival, health or safety of the population."

In the list, 35 activities considered essential, such as health care services, including medical and hospital services, public and private security activities, telecommunications and internet, production, distribution, sale of food and funeral services.

Source: GMB / FolhaPe