SÁB 26 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2020 - 21:23hs.
Football is back

FeedConstruct to continue delivering exclusive coverage for Armenian Premier League

After the stoppage of most sporting events worldwide due to the coronavirus, some activities are returning to activity with the corresponding hygiene and safety measures. And as the schedules for the games are being restored in different countries, FeedConstruct informed that it will continue delivering data and video content of the Armenian Premier League on its exclusive rights.

Sports data provider has been a partner with the league since 2018. Right now, with a renewal of the gaming season, FeedConstruct fills sportsbooks with live data, odds feed and video streaming delivered directly from the games of the Armenian Premier League.

The sporting events have been halted for little less than two months; however, the actions started to resume under strict medical supervision without any spectators.

“And while major events are still postponed, the sports matches of local interest are just the right step towards the routine, especially when the coverage is backed with full-fledged scouting data and video streaming coming from the field,” stated the company in a press release.

“FeedConstruct provides real-time data and digital content for the most popular sporting events around the world. We have seamlessly integrated four key products into a single comprehensive platform, making access to high-quality live streams, odds feed, statistics and scouting data simpler and easier than ever. FeedConstruct pioneers digital content collecting and delivery by creating AI & ML powered products like AJNA.”

Source: GMB