SÁB 26 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2020 - 21:04hs.
Jodismar Amaro evolves favorably

Brazilian Federation of Lottery Companies’ president is hospitalized with COVID-19

Days ago and without knowing the seriousness of the situation, Jodismar Amaro, the president of the Brazilian Federation of Lottery Companies (FEBRALOT), was admitted to the hospital to treat a cough and shortness of breath. Since then, he stays in hospital medical treatment infected by the new coronavirus, as reported José Carlos P. de Paiva, Executive Vice President of the Union Consignees Commissioners State of São Paulo (SINCOESP). Amaro shows a favorable evolution, although slow.

Jodismar Amaro is 68 years old, being 42 within the lottery sector. Married and with two children, the businessman assumed the presidency of the Federation in 2016 and, since then, he always intends to defend the national integration of lottery companies in Brazil.

“I don't need to say what this represented for us lotteries and for the entire Sincoesp board. This news took everyone by surprise ... overnight we were without our president, who always commanded this entity with great mastery and competence. An unexpected and difficult fact due to the little information on health status and the physical distance between us imposed by the quarantine,” reveals De Paiva.

Lottery retailers have information from daily medical bulletins, which demonstrate a favorable, albeit slow, evolution of Amaro´s clinical condition, which gives hope that he will recover and should soon return to his normal activities.

After the fright, the Board resumed its awareness with the necessary measures so that Sincoesp would not suffer discontinuity in its functions, duties and command. The vice presidents agreed not to change anything that was working until now.

The quarantine of employees working in the "home office" was maintained, the Union's accounts payable up to date, all correspondence from the administrative area in order and also the legal sector functioning and supporting the new moment experienced by the Union.

In the labor area, everything has moved at the speed of the moment due to the analysis of the various provisional measures to adapt labor relations to the new economic / commercial scenario.

“The collective agreements of 20/21 are suspended until we can safely meet and try to find the best solution for our representatives. Everything is going according to normal and the guidelines that always guided the actions when Jodismar was in charge of the Union. Nothing will be done without the knowledge of the board and our legal counsel, rest assured!!”, promises the Executive Vice President to the associates.

Source: GMB