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Rafael Costa, firm's Country Manager Brasil

"We can say that at we have the best online casino developed 'from and to' Brazilians"

Rafael Costa has had experience in the iGaming business since 2017. Living in Malta has encouraged him to enter this growing industry. Now, as Country Manager Brasil at Twin Cassino, he had an exclusive conversation with GMB about how the company analyzes entering the Brazilian market, its products, local marketing and the future of sports betting. 'We are very optimistic about the latest news, and we believe that Brazil is very close to the long-awaited regulation,' said Costa.

GMB - Tell us a little more about yourself and your relationship with the industry?
Rafael Costa - I lived in Brazil until the end of 2009, when I decided to go for a walk around the world. At one of these stops in Malta, I met my wife and decided to settle myself in the country. As Malta has a very strong relationship with iGaming, the synergy just happened. I started my career in the iGaming industry in mid-2017. Like many, I began at the front door doing customer support. After a year in this role I moved to the ​​payments and fraud area. At Twin Cassino, I worked as an Affiliate Manager for a year. I believe that these passages through different functions gave me a good background and understanding of several different areas within an iGaming company. Today, I thank Twin for the opportunity to take our brand to Brazil.

Twin arrives to Brazil, although in fact, it has been in this market for a year. How was the result of the previous soft launch and what did it consist of?
Exactly. This soft launch was decisive for our operations in the Brazilian market. In almost a year, we have integrated and tested all the parameters that involve entering a new market. From customer support in the Portuguese language, going through all the customization of the website and contents, and last but not least, payment methods. We tested everything, until exhaustion, so that our product was up to the Brazilian customer. Today, we can say that we have in hand the best online casino developed "from and to" Brazilians.

How was the incorporation of local payment methods? Have you been able to add them all?
We are happy with the amount of payment methods we have at the moment and are always looking to include new ones that can satisfy the needs of our Brazilian customers.

Is there a strategy for this new arrival in Brazil? Do you have your first clear objectives?
Our goal is to offer entertainment to Brazilian customers. We have already proven to the European market that our product is strong and competitive, and that we are a solid and reliable casino. This was the cornerstone of our company. Today, the expansion to the Brazilian market is based on this same strategy, which is basically offering entertainment with the best possible quality and all of this focused on the wishes of our customers.

Specifically, what products does offer and why will it be so attractive to the Brazilian public?
Although we are a young casino, just over 3 years old, we are one of the operators that offer more options for online gaming providers in its portfolio. Today, we offer over a thousand slot games from providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Red Tiger, among others, adding up to a total of 24 providers. In addition, we bring the live casino experience to our customers, where they can have fun at roulette, blackjack and poker tables just as if they were in a physical casino. We also bring Banco Imobiliário's innovation live. All this in the comfort of your home or in the palm of your hand, via a smartphone.



During this first mentioned year, were you able to draw a profile of the Brazilian gambler? Is it very different from the European one?
The profile of the Brazilian gambler is basically focused on the sport. Sports betting has become well known to Brazilians in recent years. However, online casino is still somewhat new in Brazil. Brazilians are suspicious of the authenticity of casinos in general. However, we can reassure them as we are a casino regulated by MGA, one of the most demanding Regulatory Bodies in the world. Furthermore, our reputation speaks for itself. We are a safe casino. And it is with this reputation that we enter the Brazilian market, not only to maintain it, but more importantly, to expand it.

We imagine that you closely follow the process of regulating the sports betting market. How does the company fit within these regulations? What do you expect from it?
We believe that the regulation will benefit everyone: operators and customers. With it, operators start to work more securely in the market, without any change in the government's strategy putting their operation at risk, in addition to offering more security to customers; after all they know that they are protected under Brazilian laws. The big challenge for the government is actually to find a model that obviously meets their expectations but does not suffocate operators either. But we are very optimistic about the latest news and we believe that Brazil is very close to the long-awaited regulation.

Do you believe that the need to create new sources of economic resources can lead Brazil to legalize activities such as online casinos or others?
I believe that the current economic scenario caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) has only accelerated the process of bringing regulation to the debate. We have gone through difficult times, where we all have to give our contribution in the best way, so that together we can leave this situation strengthened. And I believe that the coronavirus accelerated this process. Whether in innovation mechanisms, such as more companies focusing on online service and sales, or even entertainment, since many people are spending more time at home. In this new scenario, the government must also adapt. And regulation follows exactly the same path, only this time with an economic bias.

Currently, there is a lot of talk about the legalization of land-based casinos in Brazil. Is this a positive thing for Twin or is it a competition for your business?
I believe it is very positive. As I said earlier, the Brazilian is still suspicious about casinos. And legalizing the physical casino only helps to demystify this concept. I believe that no online service suffers competition from the physical. I see it only as an option. Today, you want to go out to dinner, tomorrow to order delivery and eat in the comfort of your home. It is the same with casinos.

In the marketing area, do you have planned brand actions with local ambassadors, for example? How do you think to "attract" the local gambler?
We have many marketing actions plans for the Brazilian market. We are bringing what the Brazilian never thought to find in an online casino. But for now, it's all a secret ... Wait, is coming.

Source: Exclusive GMB