MIÉ 15 DE JULIO DE 2020 - 02:54hs.
Great figures in LiveSeries debut

More than 1,500 views for first Games Magazine Brasil webinar

Exceeding all previous expectations and calculations, first GMB webinar as part of the “Agora Brasil” cycle where casinos legalization was discussed has a huge impact on social networks. The live broadcast on YouTube (one special signal with real-time translation into English), Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and subsequent visits to the recorded videos already accumulate more than 1,500 views. The data shows the strong interest aroused by the Brazilian gaming market.

The live broadcast that exceeded the hour and a half registered 383 users connected during the event in the sum of all its platforms, while until Friday morning, 1,202 more visits were accumulated to watch the recording on Facebook and YouTube, the networks where the webinar remains online.

On YouTube it is also available to watch the video of the original version in Portuguese or choose to enter the version with simultaneous translation in English for the international market. The video will also continue to be available on GMB's official Facebook account.


The broadcast by a company specialized in TV production and event streaming also had an innovation in the Instagram platform. There, users could enjoy the webinar with the vertical format of Instagram Live that was specially adapted for this social network since the others (YT, FB, TW) use a rectangular format. Thus, the transmission quality was maintained for IG visitors who did not miss any details of the panel.

Source: GMB