MIÉ 15 DE JULIO DE 2020 - 01:32hs.
Announcement by President Sérgio Rodrigues

Cruzeiro launches poll for fans to name the club’s betting platform

Sérgio Rodrigues announced that Cruzeiro will have its online betting platform and tomorrow a poll will be launched for fans to choose the site name. “The contract with the bookmaker has already been signed and we have even received part of its value and we opted for this platform model itself because the more the fans engage on it, the more Cruzeiro wins,” comments the President of the club, who did not reveal company name.

“The contract has already been signed and we have even received a part of its value. You can rest assured. We just didn't say anything because we decided to bring the fans closer. As we are not having football for a while, then all we want is to have the fans close by, participating and helping to build the new Cruzeiro. On this platform that we are going to launch today, there will be a poll for you to choose the name of this site,” informed Rodrigues in live broadcast by the official channels of the club.

In the social networks of the club some possible names have already been proposed: Betzeiro, Foxbets, 5 star betting, 5 star bets, Bluebets.

“We opted for this model because the more the fans engage on this platform, the more Cruzeiro wins. So it is only fair that the fan gives the name, since it will provide us with this variable. Soon, this poll will enter for the fans to help us build a new Cruzeiro,” added the President of the clun from Belo Horizonte.

“Cruzeiro was approached by ten betting platform companies wanting to sponsor the club. But, understanding our fans and engagement, we decided to make our platform. We got a partnership with a company that guaranteed a minimum amount and we will also win in the variable part. We took a big platform, we have a high minimum and we will have a very large variable from the moment the fans engage,” said Rodrigues to the fans.

Source: GMB