MIÉ 15 DE JULIO DE 2020 - 02:50hs.
Logo on jerseys’ bottom back

Betting site Camisa9bet arrives in Brazil sponsoring Macaé against Vasco

The online entertainment and betting website Camisa9bet.com announces arrival in Brazil with sponsorship to Macaé Esporte Futebol Clube, which took place in a match against Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama this Sunday (June 28th). The game between the teams was part of the Carioca Championship and marked the return of live football after the stoppage due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Camisa9bet.com logo was displayed on the lower back of the players' jersey, who entered the field (without fans and following the hygiene recommendations imposed by WHO) in a match broadcast by Rede Globo in Rio de Janeiro.

Newly arrived in Brazil, the company is determined to encourage and invest heavily in national sports sponsorship, and chose the match between Macaé x Vasco to consolidate its performance in this market. Camisa9bet.com's intention with the brand exposure is to stimulate the sports betting market in the country.



“The sports betting team in Brazil has been preparing for some time, but the main player was missing: the striker, the‘ shirt 9 ’, the‘ goal scorer ’, the top scorer. Camisa9bet.com arrives in the Brazilian market, made by Brazilians and for Brazilians, with the intention of placing the sports betting market in Brazil in its deserved position: that of champion,” says the company's representative in Brazil.



Camisa9Bet is operated by the online entertainment company CIGA, located in the Netherlands Antilles where it is incorporated as a legal entity, respecting all laws and regulations and locations in that country, and duly licensed by the competent authorities responsible.

The company developed its products related to the modalities of Bingo, Sports and Casino, where it owns and operates its platform and all its games, with the main objective of providing fun and quality entertainment with maximum security for all its features.

Source: GMB / Jornal do Comércio do Ceará