MAR 26 DE ENERO DE 2021 - 08:13hs.
The digital bank leaves Flamengo jersey

BS2 changes focus, now sponsors eSports teams Vivo Keyd and Pain Gaming

After announcing that it will leave the master space of Flamengo's jersey, the digital bank BS2 will focus its efforts on eSports. In order to become a partner of the gamer ecosystem, BS2 became a sponsor of two professional teams, Vivo Keyd and Pain Gaming, which currently operate in the modalities of League of Legends, Free Fire, CS: GO, Clash Royale and Rainbow Six. The bank stamped the athletes' uniforms already last weekend at the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLoL).

The institution's support for Vivo Keyd is valid for one year and joins other brands such as Vivo, Oex Game, FIAP, Make a Wish, Warrior and DXRacer. With Pain, the bank is part of a team of sponsors formed by Tinder, BMW and Coca-Cola.

In addition to having a name on the teams' jersey, the bank exempted international payment order fees from streamers who receive their dividends from Twitch, Facebook Gaming and Google Ads through their international account.

In addition, the bank launched a project called “Banco”, whose objective is to interact directly with the gamer community through exclusive profiles on social networks.

BS2 was Flamengo's master sponsor in the 2019 season and decided to terminate the contract early this month. It is worth remembering that the presence of BS2 in eSports is not new. Because of the agreement with Flamengo, the bank also sponsored the ‘red-black’ team of League of Legends.

“The arrival of the bank in the world of eSports is something very natural and in line with our strategic vision of becoming a great partner for the entire gamer ecosystem,” says Luís Moura, marketing coordinator at Banco BS2.

“The BS2 bank movement, which until recently supported football, is a recognition of the importance of engaging with the eSports community in the marketing strategies of the financial sector in Brazil,” said Thomas Hamence, CEO of paiN Gaming.

Source: GMB