MIÉ 25 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2020 - 05:52hs.

Bitfy and Bodog team up to offer online betting using bitcoins in Brazil

Bitfy, a multi-purpose, non-custody bitcoin wallet, and Bodog, one of the largest online betting and poker sites in the world, announce a partnership in Brazil that allows users to make deposits and redemptions on the Bodog platform using bitcoins through Bitfy. Bodog, a pioneer in accepting cryptocurrencies, expanded the possibilities by having one more option for its users, counting on the technology and practicality offered by the business partner.

In addition to users being able to make deposits and redemptions on the Bodog platform using bitcoins through Bitfy, the partnership will offer yet another benefit for the customers: double bet. That is, if the player bets 100 bitcoins, in fact, he is betting 200.

“The public that uses cryptocurrencies and the betting market have a lot in common, with a more risk-prone behavior. Many of our customers already used Bitcoin for deposits on betting websites outside the country that accept it as a form of payment, taking advantage of the app's facilities and saving IOF. This partnership will make this process simpler and safer, alongside the most respected player in the segment,” explains Lucas Schoch, Bitfy CEO.

How it works

The user must register on the Bodog site. Then, to deposit in Bitcoin, he needs to download the Bitfy app on Google Play or Apple Store and also register there. Finally, he only needs to follow the steps indicated in the Bitfy app itself.

The possibility of betting is another feature that Bitfy offers to users who, through the application, can use bitcoins to pay in more than 1.5 million establishments and several other digital services.

Last week, the company announced the launch of its newest version which, among the novelties, brings a new layout, more practical and secure, increased privacy through the balance display mode, and the display of amounts in reais and dollars, in addition to the amount of bitcoins.

Source: GMB / Popular Mais