DOM 25 DE JULIO DE 2021 - 03:13hs.
New platform EnjoyWin.Net

Enjoy launches website in “Social Casino” format, fully enters online gaming

Reimagining the future and in line with current times and high demand of thousands of customers, is the Group's most important online bet at the regional level, being a new form of fun for those who enjoy casino games and seek entertainment on the net. With this, the Enjoy Group reinforces its renewed commercial strategy, in which it seeks to attract new generations, taking care to retain its current portfolio of partners.

Enjoy announced the launch of its new website -with which it fully enters the online world in a "Social Casino" format - and that will be an extension of the experience of its land-based casinos for its clients from different countries (Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay), seeking to entertain their thousands of fans and online entertainment seekers; with products that can be found in a casino such as slot machines, bingo, poker and virtual roulette from their mobile devices or computers. With this launch, Enjoy reinforces its new commercial strategy, which seeks to reach new generations, while maintaining loyalty to its current portfolio of partners.

“Enjoy's objective with this new digital platform is in line with enhancing our omnichannel entertainment offering, further increasing contact and loyalty with our thousands of clients. Our partners will be able to generate benefits in the online world and redeem them in our casinos, and vice versa,” said Sebastián Truffello, Commercial Manager of Enjoy. "With this new platform, we are not only listening to thousands of clients asking us for a recreational platform of this type, but we are also strengthening our position as leaders in innovation within the gaming industry in Latin America," he added.

"This look at the future of Enjoy is a clear innovation and a sign that the company is working focused not only on its future openings, but also on a deep commercial transformation that allows us to expand the offer, captivate new customers of millennial generations and "Z"; and add new complementary business formats that sooner or later will be implemented in the markets., and the new Enjoy Club App, are the concrete answer to the need for entertainment in the place and at the time the customer wants," concluded Truffello.

The launch of, added to having the largest casino loyalty club in Latin America -Enjoy Club- gives the Group a privileged position for when online gambling - as understood in a casino - can take place in Chile when it is regulated.

The new gaming platform is part of Enjoy Club, the comapny benefits program that in recent months has made available to its customers a series of entertainment instances while the casinos have remained closed (online promotions, artist shows, humor routines, cooking recipes, classes and online workshops of different kinds, among others); that not only have allowed the connection of Enjoy customers with the brand to be maintained, but they have also generated 15 thousand new users in the last 3 months. arrives to renew the offer and promises to bring the excitement of the game to all its users no matter where they are.

Source: GMB