VIE 27 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2020 - 01:57hs.
At 2pm, via Youtube, Linkedin and Facebook

GMB holds today its webinar “Lotteries: How to modernize the most legalized game in Brazil”

Games Magazine Brasil presents today its webinar “Lotteries: How to modernize the most legalized game in Brazil” at 2pm (Brasília time) with online, open and free broadcast in Portuguese via YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook. It is the third event of the “Agora Brasil” cycle and with the presence of regulators, entrepreneurs and specialists from the Ministry of Economy, Intralot, IGT and GLMS, among others, to debate Caixa monopoly, Lotex, payouts and think together about the future of the activity.

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As during the entire cycle, this webinar will have the support of Clarion Events and an online, open and free broadcast in Portuguese through Games Magazine Brasil official social networks on YouTube, Facebook and Linkedin.

Looking to offer a service with the highest quality possible, the broadcast is always in charge of a professional TV company, content producer and specialized in event streaming.

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In this panel we will explore:

  • Loterias Caixa on the roadmap of State privatizations: Should we continue with the monopoly to maintain social aid or could companies also generate these resources?
  • The Brazilian payout is among the lowest in the world and there are projects in Congress to lower them even further. How to raise it to leave it to global levels and raise revenue.
  • State lotteries and their relationship with the Union. How do they work today and what plans do they have to grow? Mineira / Intralot Lottery as a success story.
  • The advances of IGT and Scientific Games with Lotex, the only lottery in Brazil in private hands.
  • Can technology help create new products and points of sale? What are the world experiences that Brazil could incorporate?    
  • How will lotteries coexist with the sports betting market that will open soon?


  • Altair Mendanha (General Lottery Coordinator of the Ministry of Economy)
  • Ludovico Calvi (President of GLMS - Global Lottery Monitoring System)
  • Roberto Quattrini (Representative of the Estrela Instantânea consortium - IGT / SG)
  • Sergio Alvarenga (Chairman of the Board of Intralot Brasil)
  • Roberto Brasil Fernandes (Lawyer and author of the Lottery Law Book in Brazil)


Witoldo Hendrich Jr (Founding partner of Online IPS Brazil and Hendrich Advogados)

Source: GMB