MIÉ 25 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2020 - 02:41hs.
Ludovico Calvi, president of GLMS

“Digitization can present a great innovation for lotteries in Brazil”

During the GMB LiveSeries webinar on the future of the lottery market in Brazil, Ludovico Calvi, president of the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS), brought his experience to the meeting, highlighting that one of the great advances in gaming activity is the growing digitization that the sector has been experiencing. 'In 2020, we have the technological possibility to create a combination of physical and digital in order to get to better know the client and meet his needs. Brazil should take advantage of this opportunity,' explained Calvi.

“All operations can be done from a cell phone, and cybersecurity offers us everything we need so that everyone has an adequate relationship in view of the diversification of channels. We have to unite our customers,” he said, recalling that even the WHO - World Health Organization has recommended that digital payment methods be encouraged and facilitated.

“They have said that one of the forms of transmission for COVID-19 is through notes. Thus, governments are taking measures to reduce cash flow. Digitization can present a great innovation for lotteries and games in general ”, he commented.

According to him, today private companies are entering a world until recently dominated by governments, which has promoted lottery advances, with the privatization of some activities, and for this reason the payment processes will be incorporated into these advances. Another important fact, according to him, is that gaming entrepreneurs seek to get to know customers better and diversify the distribution channels of their products.



The innovation, according to the executive of GLMS, took, therefore, the lotteries traditionally had high profitability for not having competition. “Private companies are entering the lottery and public gaming sector. We cannot stand by to take advantage of the opportunities that technology offers. If the lotteries are complacent, this will not work, as not innovating, nothing will change. Online gambling on the mobile channel can offer the solution, as it is possible to segment existing customers and attract young players, perhaps from sports betting and even start playing scratch cards and Mega-Sena,” he analyzed.

Artificial intelligence, according to him, can be a tool. “Predictive models can help satisfy customers' needs. Several lotteries don't know the methods to know their customers. You can only know who won a grand prize. This is a great opportunity for private and public gambling companies. The virus is accelerating the digital transformation process and it is imperative that lotteries start to acquire data and execute processes to know their customers effectively,” he defended.

Ludovico commented that it is not necessary to identify a customer in a physical store, for example, who is going to play a scratch card, but codes can be created to monitor the player's behavior from these generated codes so that he can validate some information on the provider's website. "In 2020, we have the technological possibility to create a combination of physical and digital in order to get to know the client better and meet his needs," he said.



In his opinion, a major factor for the success of the industry is bringing the illegal market to legality, as a way to make the activity more competitive, serious and safe. “Operators who today do not have a license need to receive the government's offer to enter the legal market, based on the regulation of the activity. The illegal sector has emerged and is attractive to bettors. The market must guarantee attractive offers to players so that they can bet on legal gambling. Payout is an important issue. In Italy, sports betting has always existed and when we legalized the activity, the rate was high, and the illegal market continued to grow. If the payout is adequate, the legal market becomes attractive to bettors. Today, the illegal market represents only 5% of gambling offers in Italy, thanks to the government's action to improve the payout for operations,” he explained.

The next year, with the entry into operation of sports betting, could be a milestone for Brazil, in his assessment.

Source: Exclusive Games Magazine Brasil