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By 2023

Ministry of Tourism includes releasing casinos in Brazil on list of priority projects

The Ministry of Tourism plans to enable casino activities in Brazilian resorts by 2023. In the column of journalist Guilherme Amado, on local newspaper Época, the portfolio stated that 'integrated resorts today are a reality in more than 90% of G20 countries and the intention of the Ministry of Tourism is to promote a wide debate on this theme, mainly in the time of post-pandemic economic recovery.'

The measure is part of a list of 22 strategic projects in the portfolio presented to the Presidency of the Republic. The ministry included the casino topic in the list of its priority projects.

The list also includes the reduction of airline tickets price, the improvement of airport infrastructure, the increase in the number of waterway cruises and the improvement of the tourist management of cultural, natural and mixed sites declared world heritage sites.

Also in November 2019, deputies from the bloc known as Centrão resumed the offensive to release the opening of casinos in the country.

President Jair Bolsonaro was consulted to see if the government would support a project with this content, but he did not give a definitive answer. Bolsonaro told the interlocutors that, before, it would be necessary to consult the evangelical bench. The group is against the project, but already admits discussing an alternative.

The mayor of Rio, Marcelo Crivella (Republicans), licensed bishop of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, defends the authorization of gambling, but only for foreigners.

Source: GMB