DOM 25 DE JULIO DE 2021 - 03:12hs.
Content suited to LatAm player requirements

BtoBet partners with gamification specialist Incentive Games

Incentive Games, the free-to-play and pay-to-play multi-sports game developer, has partnered with BtoBet in an agreement that will provide the leading igaming platform provider with its innovative and player-centred content. “The aggregation of their content to our portfolio allows us to enable our partners to target a much broader audience,” comments Sabrina Soldà, BtoBet’s chief marketing officer.

Through the agreement, pay-to-play virtual sports games will be an integral part of BtoBet’s portfolio, with the content particularly suited to player requirements in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Incentive Games has built a strong reputation for developing games specifically for markets where cellular data costs are still a significant barrier for a lot of players. Games have also been optimised for Opera Mini Extreme.

In terms of appeal, they have been developed to strike a chord with players that are not usually drawn to regular casino games. As such, they help operators drive additional revenues, particularly in regions where there is limited live sport.

Commenting on the agreement, John Gordon, CEO of Incentive Games, said: “We are delighted to have partnered with BtoBet, an established platform provider with a very strong foothold especially in our core markets of Latin America, Africa and Europe.”

“Our games have proved to be very powerful when it comes to acquisition and retention and we believe they will be just as popular with BtoBet’s customers. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with our new partner,” Gordon added.

Sabrina Soldà, BtoBet’s chief marketing officer, said: “We are pleased to have patnered with Incentive Games, who are considered specialists in the field of gamification. The aggregation of their content to our portfolio, particularly through their F2P and P2P games, allows us to enable our partners to target a much broader audience by providing players with a format of game that appeals to them and works on the devices they use, notwithstanding the different market scenarios and requirements.”

Source: GMB