MAR 3 DE AGOSTO DE 2021 - 02:23hs.
Once authorities allow it

Chilean casino operator Dreams confirms it is ready to reopen in Punta Arenas

Chilean casino group Dreams has confirmed it is ready to open its venues in Punta Arenas four months after closing its operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, once the health authority allows it. “We are confident that as soon as the health authority allows it, we will be able to resume our operation and have our hosts back,” a spokesperson said.

“The responsible management of the company allows us today to see the future with optimism. It will be a difficult period, but we are confident that we will get ahead and continue to be the relevant actor that we have always been in Punta Arenas. We have made ourselves available to the authorities to present our health protocols that seek to safeguard the health of our hosts and visitors. We are committed to a safe return, adapting our operation as necessary to minimise risks of contagion and take care of each other. We are ready to resume our activities. We have been very proactive both in the design of our protocols and in the preparation of the infrastructure to open as soon as the authority allows it,” the spokesperson added

“We have a Hygiene and Safety protocol by COVID-19 based on the definitions of the Minsal, prepared in conjunction with the Mutual de Seguridad, revised by the SGS and under the model and supervision of Ecolab. We have not left anything to chance and we have been very demanding in having the best standards of prevention,” he concluded.

Dreams employees have been protected by Employment Protection Law ‘which, together with giving sustainability to the company, has allowed them to wait with some tranquility for the reactivation of our operations given that their social laws are covered and their employment continuity is assured.’

The spokesperson finally said: “The company has been supplementing what the hosts receive monthly from the Unemployment Fund Administrator so that, regardless of the state of their funds, they can receive up to 50% of the average liquid.”

Source: GMB / G3 Newswire