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KTO.com presents comedian Magno Navarro as its new ambassador in Brazil

KTO.com chose Magno Navarro as its new ambassador in Brazil. The comedian from Rio de Janeiro, who has been noted for celebrity impressions such as PVC, Muricy Ramalho, Caio, Casagrande, Renato Gaúcho, D’Alessandro and other names related to the sport has already started producing content for the brand. 'KTO.com and I are in very similar moments, with fast but consistent growth, and a passionate audience for what we do,' explains Magno.

According to KTO’s country manager for the Brazilian market, Cássio Filter, the choice of Magno is completely aligned with the philosophy of the company.

“We are a brand that likes people, dealing with people. So, our relationship with Magno came and evolved in a natural way because he, in addition to his natural talent for celebrity impressions and brilliant text, likes to interact with his viewers and fans. In the first tests that we did, we saw that the ties went well beyond a simple commercial contract. The involvement was mutual,” says the executive.

The ‘carioca’, on the other hand, does not hide his satisfaction with the new partnership. Passionate about sports and a fan of Rio de Janeiro, Magno saw on KTO.com the ideal partner to apply the content he produces.                         

"KTO.com and I are in very similar moments, with an accelerated but consistent growth. Right from the start, I could already see that the brand's public is very similar to mine: faithful, passionate about what we do and how we do it," sums up Magno.

And as a good writer, Magno even jokes when asked about expectations on the future of the partnership. “If there was a special bet ‘Will the KTO and Magno Navarro partnership be successful?’, The odds would be very, very low for those who bet on the ‘yes’ option,” he emphasizes.

Source: GMB