JUE 25 DE FEBRERO DE 2021 - 04:51hs.
GMB One-On-One - Interview with Angelo Alberoni

"Betmotion has very ambitious plans for post-regulation gambling in Brazil"

In his first interview as New Country Manager Brasil at Betmotion, Angelo Alberoni spoke with our journalist Gildo Mazza at the GMB One-On-One cycle. He will be at the forefront of the company's new marketing plan in the country and will follow the final process of regulating the activity to adopt the necessary measures from the legal point of view to adapt to the Brazilian operation. In exclusive, Alberoni comments on the challenges of the position and the joy of arriving at such an important moment.

Betmotion is one of the main entertainment brands with sports betting, casinos, bingo and online gaming in Brazil, having a strong presence in several countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

According to the new country manager Brazil, Betmotion has been in the market for a decade, so it knows the Brazilian public very well. According to him, it will be very easy for the company to act when regulating sports betting “as there is a lot of proximity to the user because we have been in the market for so long.”

See below the main points of the interview:

GMB - What does it mean for your career to assume such an important role at this moment?
Angelo Alberoni - It was a great pleasure to accept the challenge from Betmotion. Nothing more natural at this moment to be able to participate in this phase so important for the Brazilian market, with the regulation so close. I accepted this position with a lot of responsibility and happiness and because I could be part of a team as competent as Betmotion.

What does Betmotion represent for the market?
Betmotion is a brand with Brazilian DNA. We understand this audience very well, as we have been in the country for over ten years. We have products very well adapted to the needs and desires of the Brazilian in relation to iGaming, not only in the area of ​​sports betting, but also in bingo and casinos.

Betmotion has a very solid position in the market. It has built a very positive image over the past ten years. We have very ambitious plans after the regulation of gambling in Brazil. That is why we have to work more and more on this value of the Betmotion brand, which works with the emotion and passion of the Brazilian for the games. We are prepared to occupy and maintain this position in the Brazilian betting and iGaming market.

Is the return of European leagues moving the market again? How is Betmotion living this crazy time of the pandemic?
I would say that Betmotion went through the pandemic naturally. It was an atypical disruption not only in the iGaming market, but in all sectors of the economy, but as we have great strength in other areas, such as bingo and online casinos, we felt the impact of the suspension of sporting events in Europe and Brazil, but we managed to go through this crisis in an interesting way because we had verticals very well segmented in the market. We have a very strong user base. They have known our product for years, so it was possible to reinforce the brand value with our customers with these verticals. Now, with the return of the European championships, the betting movement has grown considerably compared to March.

In April, the sector reached almost zero in relation to the movement in sports betting, with few championships in activity. eSports emerged as a new trend in sports betting, but it was not enough to fill the gap between sports betting on live and real games. Today the market is reheated in two or three months. The trend is to grow even more with the return of national competitions in Brazil.

Where is the Betmotion brand already present in the Brazilian market?
We are reinforcing our brand value and it is clear that all opportunities will be very well analyzed, both in sponsorships and in activations, on television and LED’s. Now, in the second semester, with the return of the championships, we will understand better how the Brazilian scenario will be, not only in the sports field but also in relation to the market, which is still a little cloudy, especially with regard to values, as we will not have an audience present in the games. This may influence in relation to sponsorship quotas already negotiated.

Betmotion will position itself in a strong way, as we have the confidence of our board and shareholders to place us in a prominent position among the sports betting and iGaming brands in Brazil in the coming months.

How to win Brazilian gamblers? Will it be through sponsorships, ambassadors or through social media work?
The Brazilian is still very raw in relation to gaming, especially in the area of ​​sports betting and casinos. With bingos there is still a memory, since the activity has been regulated in the country for years. The Brazilian still needs to be more educated about our sector. Brand activation, branding actions on TV and sponsorships are important to show that we are present in the Brazilian market. But the user experience when entering a website and knowing what they are doing is also very important. This is a differential of Betmotion, which has a very friendly website and well known by Brazilians.

We will transmit this “web-friendly” to our social networks, where we will adopt the voice of the Brazilian image. Social networks are essential for us to get closer to the Brazilian. We will establish an even greater and more personal approach with the Brazilian user. Along with our website, we will treat our user with great affection.

Source: GMB