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Bill 16/2020 expects presidential sanction

Clandestine bingos pressure Brazil’s Planalto to veto TV draws law

There is great pressure on the Brazil’s Palácio do Planalto to veto a section of Previsional Measure (PM) 923, which authorized TVs, radios and civil society organizations to promote prize draws, distribution of gifts and contests by telephone, websites and mobile applications. The pressure comes from clandestine bingos, which simulate organizing charity games, and which would see their resources fall through draws and charity contests by other means, according to local media O Globo.

Article 4 of Bill 16/20 revokes art. 84-B of Law No. 13,019 / 2014, which allowed to distribute or promise to distribute prizes, through draws, gift certificates, contests or similar operations, with the aim of raising additional resources for their maintenance or funding to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) ) or philanthropic entities. The proposal will be sent for presidential sanction.

Supported by Article 84-B, Item III of Law 13.204 / 2015, bingo operators obtained permits from city halls to carry out draws in partnership with one or more charities without asking the obligatory permission to operate to the Ministry of Economy. In cities like Sao Paulo, the increased opening of these bingos generated dozens of police operations that had to close these places.

In order for a civil society organization to carry out the draws for the distribution of prizes, article 84 C of the MROSC determined that such entities should have in their social objectives at least one among the purposes provided for in the article, which include actions aimed at social assistance, culture, education, health, food security and combating poverty, preservation of the environment, among others.

However, if the distribution of prizes by civil society organizations exceeds R$ 10,000 (US$1,880), the new proposal provides that the distribution will be made through authorization from the Ministry of Economy, responsible for the regulation, inspection and control of authorizations.

In the plenary session of the Chamber on the 25th of June, deputy Afonso Florence (PT - BA) expressed his concern in relation to the PM 923 report, which authorizes media companies to make draws, and revokes item III of art . 84-B of Law No. 13,019, of 2014, which authorized social organizations to organize bingo games.

“An APAE, a Santa Casa, a cooperative, an association of women victims of violence, who today are allowed by the law to make these drawings, will have this ban in PM 923. I want to register that the civil society organizations, the Parliamentary Front in Defense of Civil Society Organizations, the Brazilian Association of Non-Governmental Organizations - ABONG, through the social coordination of civil society in that Parliamentary Front, we demand the specific return of these entities,” says the deputy.

Source: GMB