VIE 27 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2020 - 23:27hs.
Boris Chaikin, company’s CEO

"Soft2bet has big plans for the Brazilian market and will launch more projects soon"

With international expansion plans that also includes Japan and India, casino and sportsbook operator group Soft2Bet has entered Brazil after the country moves forward with the regulation of sports betting. Company’s CEO Boris Chaikin granted an exclusive interview to GBM about the successful brands that are already live in Brazil, the future projects in the country and the solutions that the company can offer to the B2B and B2C local sectors. “Our goal in every market is to tap into the specific demands and preferences,” comments Chaikin.

GMB - Let's start talking about Soft2Bet's trajectory, the market in which it operates and the customers it serves…
Boris Chaikin -
Soft2bet is constantly extending the boundaries of our geographical reach and we are now operating in over ten markets worldwide. This year we’ve pressed fast-forward on expansion plans, launching in Japan, India and now Brazil. Our goal in every market is to tap into the specific demands and preferences, ensuring our offering resonates with local players and bettors, whilst bringing something new to the table. This goes beyond accepting local currency and payment methods to creating dedicated special offers and tailoring our portfolios to cater for the nuances of each market we service.

What can you tell us about the brands entering the Brazilian market YoYoCasino and CampoBet? Which are their main features and what do they offer to the Brazilian public?
YoyoCasino and Campobet are among our most successful projects, so it made sense to enter Brazil with two proven brands which have been able to build a strong player base quickly. With YoYo, we felt the distinctive design and logo based on the familiar childhood toy, combined with its selection of bonuses and tournaments, was well suited to the market and would appeal to local audiences. The online casino has an extensive collection of games available, meaning there is plenty for new players to choose from.

The variety provided through Campobet also made the sportsbook an obvious choice to launch, offering betting opportunities in over 30 sports categories. Its casino offering is comprehensive too, with more than 4000 games for players to enjoy.  The real selling point though is that punters can watch live streams of their favourite events through the website and make live bets on a huge choice of markets.

Both brands offer three main currencies and popular payment methods for Brazilian customers, and we created special bonus offers which are already driving acquisition. The content is also adapted to local languages, with a customer support team on hand to help in both Portuguese and English.



What kind of B2B solutions does Soft2Bet offer to the market? Which are the main features of recently released product FezBET? 
Our white label B2B solutions provide our partners with a custom-built casino or sportsbook platform tailored to their needs, alongside payment solutions, customer support, and additional front to back-end design services. 

FEZBet, our most recent product release, is quickly becoming a go-to solution for our partners. We saw a need in the market for a platform that covers a broad range of gambling opportunities, from casino and live casino to sport and virtual sports modules, with an intuitive UI and UX design, whilst also offering a unique collection of gamification tools. From exciting bonuses to big money tournaments, FEZBet is designed to support the promotional features which are fundamental to customer retention in the modern industry.

The platform is available in 10 languages, with multi-lingual customer support available round the clock, and offers endless betting possibilities on live and virtual sport. There’s also an exciting bonus system, together with a choice of over 3000 games from more than 35 providers.   

As a first effect of the new regulatory process, Brazil began to receive brands from betting sites as sponsors, mainly in football. What is your assessment of this phenomenon and what possibilities does it open for the sector?
It’s a favourable for partnership for all parties. These deals can make the sponsor a household name, providing a rare opportunity for exposure that can dramatically influence traffic. They also help to reinforce a brand’s image and reliability in the eyes of the customer. But while sponsorships may attract players to your product, it is only by providing a first-class experience that you can retain their interest and convert new acquisitions into long-term clients.



Many betting companies have also invested in marketing actions with athletes and influencers as ambassadors. Is Soft2Bet considering doing something similar?  
It’s definitely a marketing solution which is on our radar as we continue to explore the Brazilian market. In fact, we already have some suggestions for a potential brand ambassador and are currently reviewing a candidate. It is still early days, however, so for now our marketing and affiliate teams are focussed on spreading the word of YoYo and Campobet to players in Brazil and demonstrating the unique and entertaining experiences we offer.

How did the company face the problems generated by the COVID-19 pandemic? How has the crisis affected the daily work?
Our team took all the necessary measures in order to take care of all employees. Although we were forced to work remotely from home, we kept our chin up and supported each other through the challenges. In such hard times, we have been incredibly impressed by the team’s professionalism and readiness to tackle difficulties head on. In fact, we opened two new offices in last few months and hired more than 50 highly qualified employees. The hard work on our new B2B and B2C projects, as you’ll have seen with the successful launch of Fezbet during the quarantine period, proved to our partners that we are reliable and ready for any challenges, even amid a global pandemic.

After the pandemic, which ideas and projects does Soft2Bet have to make the brand grow in Brazil? 
We’re keeping the details under wraps for now but have big plans for the Brazilian market. What we will say is there will be more projects launching soon, so watch this space.

In your experience, do you consider that a new global online market is born after COVID-19 or will it be the same, but just with some time to recover?
One of the few positive impacts Covid-19 has had on the industry is that it has forced the sector to improve in order to stay competitive in an increasingly challenging environment. It’s spurred us on to deliver an even better service for our customers to show how much they are valued and challenged us to build new, exciting products that drive the industry forward. Coming out this crisis, I doubt the global online market will look much different to before we went in, but the pandemic has put a fire in the belly of the sector and reignited the determination to keep making progress. From our perspective, we can’t wait to get to work on new ways to keep surprising our players and B2B clients with innovations that raise the bar. 

Source: Exclusive GMB