MIÉ 30 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2020 - 12:14hs.
Ministry of Health and Social Protection

Colombia approves biosecurity protocol for reopening of casinos and bingo halls

The Ministry of Health Social Protection of Colombia published resolution 1359 of 2020, under which the biosecurity protocol is adopted for the country's casino and bingo establishments. With this administrative act, gambling hall operators will be able to finish the application of sanitary measures and, in this way, the mayors of all the country's municipalities will be able to initiate pilot plans for the return of the activity.

Evert Montero Cárdenas, President of the Colombian trade association Fecoljuegos, said that with the publication of the protocols for the casino and bingo establishments, the operators are ready for the reactivation of the sector. He added that "with this resolution the mayors of all the municipalities of the country no longer have an impediment to move forward as soon as possible with the implementation of the pilot plans authorized by the National Government."

While the establishments have been preparing with all the sanitary measures that are required, the biosecurity protocol complies with what is required by resolution 666 of 2020 and the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

"The casinos and bingo halls of the country are committed to the health and well-being of Colombians, that is why we care about adapting our spaces with sufficient guarantees that provide security and confidence to our collaborators, clients and their families," explained Montero Cárdenas.

The protocol contemplates the use of physical barriers between machines to prevent the risk of contagion, the disinfection of game elements after each use and of the entire establishment every three hours, as well as prohibits the consumption of food and beverages. alcoholic.

In the country there are 2,765 authorized gaming establishments, which are located in 417 of the 1,122 municipalities that are in the Colombian territory. During the time of mandatory isolation in which the casinos and bingo halls have been temporarily closed, the country has stopped receiving income for public finances of US$59m, US$40m for the health of Colombians and US$19m in taxes, resources that in the face of current public health challenges are necessary to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: GMB