DOM 25 DE OCTUBRE DE 2020 - 01:54hs.
It separates players and dealer

Brazilian Real Poker develops acrylic protection for poker tables

Real Poker, thinking about the return of live poker in Brazil, developed a project that seeks to give more security to the live game. It consists of a structure of 8mm acrylic and transparent PVC to separate players and dealer. Thus, the return to activities can be a little closer, without neglecting the preservation of health that the pandemic moment requires. The price sale is from R$ 1,470 and (US$280) up to 10x R$ 147 (US$28) without interest on the company's website.

For now, the few casinos that are open will need to go through a series of containment measures, such as acrylic structures separating the players from the poker tables. So that the Brazilian clubs can return to receive clients and officials in security, Real Poker develops an identical protection. At no cost, it is even possible to download the design of the piece on the company's website.

Several models were tested to arrive at this easy to manufacture and low cost product, which is available for free on the official website of Real Poker. The project can be downloaded and taken to any manufacturer from all over Brazil, to make it possible for poker to return to clubs in various locations safely.



On the website, it is also possible to buy the acrylic protection directly from Real Poker. Along with the product, the company will also send as a gift a dealer button that is, at the same time, a bottle of alcohol gel, and another container of alcohol spray so that the dealer can keep hands, table, cards and chips always sanitized.



The acrylic shields, along with the masks, seem to be the main outlets for a return to live poker. All over the world, images of casinos with this care can already be seen. The responsibility of the houses and the players are equally essential for a delicate moment of health like the current one.

Source GMB / Superpoker