JUE 22 DE OCTUBRE DE 2020 - 04:30hs.
New normality of the sector in the country

Uruguay reopens gaming rooms with reduced capacity and sanitary protocols

The General Directorate of Casinos of Uruguay (DGC) reported that this Thursday, August 6, the country's gaming rooms are enabled to reopen their doors with a strict sanitary protocol to avoid contagion of the new coronavirus. Bettors must always wear face masks and maintain a physical distance of at least two meters. Casinos had closed in Uruguay on March 15 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through a resolution of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and of the General Directorate of Casinos of Uruguay, all the gaming rooms in the country will be enabled as of this Thursday, August 6, to resume operations.

According to the rules established by the local authorities, the capacity of the rooms will be reduced: one person every 5 square meters. Monitors, keyboards, and chairs will be periodically disinfected and sanitized, and "in the slot rooms there will be a distance of two meters between the machines."

In the case of the cloth games, "the number of players will be limited, and tickets will not be received at the tables." New rules also state that if the venue has a sale of food and drinks, only four people can be placed at the tables.

Another of the planned actions is that “gel alcohol and personal care products will be provided permanently for cleaning hands." Also, body temperature will be measured prior to entering the room. The use of face masks will be mandatory and, "in the event that this does not occur, the respective management may apply the right of admission and / or the right of exclusion provided by law."

“All these measures are taken in order to ensure the health of our clients and our staff. Therefore, we appreciate people’s responsibility and collaboration in this new stage. Being the end, to be able to offer our public the entertainment for which they choose us. Always in a clean and safe environment for everyone,” said from the DGC.

Source: GMB / La República (Uruguay)