JUE 22 DE OCTUBRE DE 2020 - 04:23hs.
Use of Neuron 3 platform

Venezuela-based Camanbet shifts from retail to omnichannel approach with BtoBet

BtoBet has intensified its partnership with Camanbet, with the Venezuela-based operator going live online by making use of the Neuron 3 platform. Camanbet has been present on a national level for the past 14 years, primarily through its vast retail network. During the past few months it has been exploring ways of diversifying its business strategy by also taking its operations online in order to target a new fold of player.

Now, through its online and mobile version, players can now have access to a wider selection of verticals including live casino, slots, and virtual sports.

Commenting on the news, Camanbet’s Carlos Costa said: “With digital growth indicators constantly on the rise in the form of greater internet penetration and mobile connectivity, we had to reflect this shift in the very way we are available to our players.”

“Furthermore the past months, characterised by the novel coronavirus pandemic, have shown a greater tendency for customers to opt for e-commerce based services. It was our duty to address our players’ requirements and provide a better UX across a wider channel diversity,” Costa added.

BtoBet’s chief marketing officer, Sabrina Soldà, expressed her pleasure with the wider agreement that has been formulated with Camanbet. “Camanbet has built a respectable reputation through its retail network, and it is with pleasure to note that they have opted for the Neuron 3 platform to diversify their strategy through online channels,” she said.

“I am positive that the success story achieved on the retail level will also be reflected on the other digital channels, with Camanbet now being able to provide other verticals to its players allowing for greater interaction and engagement,” Soldà concluded.

Source: GMB