VIE 30 DE OCTUBRE DE 2020 - 04:12hs.
Prizes of up to US$11,000 launches promotion to celebrate return of European cups

To celebrate the return of the Champions League and the Europa League, launched a 'ESCALADA EUROPEIA', a promotion aimed at the Brazilian market that will pay prizes of up to R$60,000 (US$11.4k) for betting on matches in the two most important football leagues of the world. It is a short-sequence in which the user will need to settle to win prizes in freebets and, later, money on the site if he can reach higher levels.

The new promotion of the Flamengo sponsoring betting site in Brazil, was activated this same week on its website and social network.

On “ESCALADA EUROPEIA”, the bettor must place single bets on Champions League and Europa League games with minimum odds of 1.80 and will be qualified by the time they were settled.

In the event that the bettor places more than one bet in the same game, only the first one will be considered for the promotion and the user's score.Pre-match single bets and simple live bets are valid. The minimum amount to qualify for the promotion is R$ 50 (US$9.45).

The goal is to reach 26 games fulfilling the above criteria so that the bettor can win the R$ 60,000 (US$11.4k)in cash. For 20 games in a row, the prize is R$12,000 (US$2,270) and for 15 games, R$3,000 (US$570). will also pay free bet prizes for 10 games in a row (R$600 / US$115), 7 games (R$425 / US$80) and 5 in a row (R$300 / US$57).



Some key points of “ESCALADA EUROPEIA”:

  • Valid for Champions League and Europa League games
  • Minimum bet: R$50 (US$9.45)
  • Minimum odds that are valid for the promo in each game: 1.80
  • Only one bet per match

Basically: if the user hits all 26 games fulfilling the criteria above, he takes R$60,000 (US$11.4k) in cash > 20 games in a row: R$12,000 (US$2,270) > 15 games in a row: R$3,000 (US$570).

The scale below is:

• 10 in a row> R$600 (US$115) in free bet
• 7 in a row> R$425 (US$80) in free bet
• 5 in a row> R$300 (US$57) in free bet

Source: GMB