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William Lozano, Business Development Manager

“In Altenar we see that bets increased three times during last year in Brazil”

With important presence in different Latin American countries such as Colombia, Peru, and Mexico, Altenar can speak with property about the situation of the market in the region. And that is what its Business Development Manager, William Lozano, does in this interview with GMB, where he makes clear the firm's ambitions in Brazil. “It is the peak of the industry in this region. Everybody wants to come there to make business,” he says, confirming that Altenar is undoubtedly one of them.

Expansion in Latin America was always a clear objective for Altenar in 2020. In which countries is the company present and with which partners?
We are practically in the whole continent. We have presence in Colombia with the first or now second largest operator in the country, Wplay; we are in Perú with Doradobet and KTO, this one is in Brazil with Betmotion as well; and our brand is in Mexico with Playdoit. In Jamaica, we are currently in the process to release a new operator, in Peru we use to get a lot of request of our Demo from markets that are promptly to be regularized.

Is the experience with Wplay in Colombia a success case that you would like to replicate in the rest of the markets throughout the region?
The case of Wplay was very special for us. We were with them since they started the whole process, such as when they started the design and features of the site, or when they started the integration with Altenar. Another interesting experience was when they got the license to operate, which gave Wplay the honor to become the first regulated operator in the country. We learned a lot from Wplay and there is something that I would like to highlight of this case: the flexibility in terms of approaching to some potential clients. In fact, every country is different and the needs of each operator as well, that is something that Altenar does it very well, we have more than 5 years of experience in the LatAm market. 

How do you evaluate the penetration of the brand in Mexico and Peru?
We were in Mexico with Playdoit for 4 years ago. In the beginning was not easy thus Mexican market has a special characteristic: the influence of the U.S. sport, so the design, for instance, of a betting site is different from a normal one you might find in the rest of LatAm. Another relevant point with the Mexican market is the sports people like to place bets on, of course football is the main sport following by box, baseball, and basketball. Playdoit is doing very well right now and Altenar would like to increase its presents there with other partners. We were closed to have a commercial agreement with a land-based operator but unfortunately it was postponed due to COVID-19.

We think Peru is a remarkably interesting country for the sports betting industry. We are there with Dorabet and, as I stated above, a new partner would soon see the light of the bets. I think Peru will in a short time regularize the online gaming sector.

What are your expectations and plans for the Brazilian market?
Brazil is the peak of the industry in this region and the expectation is huge with circa 200 million people. Everybody wants to come there to make business. Altenar has a collaboration with Betmotion, KTO joined us as some months ago as well. We don’t know how the regulation of the industry would be. If it is like we have today in Colombia, we think everybody in the sector would have opportunities in this great country.

How is Altenar's agreement with KTO in Brazil and Peru? How do you evaluate the results of this partnership?
We are very happy with our business partner KTO. We have just recently started in Peru, and soon to launch in Brazil as well. The potential is important, and we will do all our best to make sure that KTO will capitalize on all of it.

Do you already have other companies interested in incorporating the firm' services and products to operate in Brazil?
At the moment we have received some requesting about demos and more info about our products and services. We are in conversations with an operator, but nothing yet has been agreed. We will let know the media if we manage to close a deal.

What does Altenar expect from the regulations that Brazil is preparing? What key points would be most advantageous for the company?
We are waiting for the legislation development in this country, but one thing is for sure: the regulation will be a reality in short time. Bets increased three times during last year in Brazil.

Do you closely follow what is happening in Argentina with regional regulations? That market seems somewhat delayed due to political issues, do you agree?
No only due to political issues the market is delayed. The are other issues like gaming taxation, the transfer of the Argentina’s currency outside  the country and, of course, the pandemic of the virus. All these items has created a perfect storm to delay the development of the gaming in Argentina.

How did the pandemic affect the company and what goals remain for the rest of 2020?
Everyone was affected, we suffered it as well but thanks to a good planification we could keep the whole staff. For example, our people worked from home. In terms of incomes we went down like others but now we are reaching the same figures as last year.

Finally, we talk a lot about LatAm but nothing about Europe and the rest of the world. How has Alternar's work been in those markets?
Well. The two main continents of expertise for Altenar are LatAm and Europe. We have just launched our fully managed Sportsbook solution in Ninja Casino website operated by Global Gaming, one of the most prominent websites in the Nordics. We will soon announce new projects in Italy, and some other European country I cannot disclose right now. We are working hard to expand our business further and further. 

Source: Exclusive GMB