MAR 24 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2020 - 06:39hs.

Intralot launches incentive campaign in Minas Gerais

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Keno Minas, one of Intralot's most successful lottery products in Minas Gerais, the company created the “KENO TÁ ON” promotion, which is valid for bets placed online on Wednesdays in September (9, 16, 23 and 30). Bettor must play in the modality with the option “Bola de Ouro” (Golden Ball) in any game range, with the exception of track 1, accessing

If the winning ticket that meets the minimum participation criteria of the “KENO TÁ ON” initiative is valid for multiple draws, its holder will receive a maximum of 50% higher prizes only for entries made for drawings that take place between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm on the days in the initiative is in effect.

The holder of the winning ticket will have a maximum period of 90 days, counting from the date of the draws on which his ticket was awarded, to identify himself at any point of sale and / or to contact Intralot, in order to claim the prize. If the redemption period is exceeded, the right of the respective holder will lapse. Intralot and Loteria Mineira can, at any time, change the date and frequency of the “KENO TÁ ON” initiative, as well as cancel it.

The defined participation criteria, as well as the percentage that will apply to the prizes, can be changed at any time by Intralot and Loteria Mineira. It is forbidden the sale of lottery tickets and the equivalent to children and adolescents, under the terms of art. 81, VI, of the Child and Adolescent Statute. Intralot will retain the amounts referring to the Income Tax under the terms of article 153 of the Federal Constitution, article 43 of the National Tax Code and article 676 of Decree No. 3000 of 1999, which regulates Income Tax.

Source: GMB