MAR 24 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2020 - 05:43hs.
It was installed in Alicante’s Bingo Gorrión

Zitro's "Link Me" debuts in the Valencian Community

Bingo Gorrión of Alicante became the first gaming hall in the Valencian Community of Spain to install “Link Me”, the successful Zitro cabinet that has been performing very well across the country. Vicente Fernández, firm’s Commercial Director, anticipated that it will also soon be installed in other Alzis bingo halls. 'We appreciate the commitment that this friendly group has once again made for our products,' says Fernández.

Successful Zitro’s cabinet "Link Me" is already available at Alicante's Bingo Gorrión, the first gaming room in the Valencian Community to install it.

As Sergio Sala, director of the Leisure Area of the game room, stated, "since we have included ‘Link Me’ in the bingo area, the experience has been impressive."

He further added that "the staging is amazing with vibrant images and sounds that complete a unique gaming feel. Customers are delighted."

For Zitro, "Link Me" is the first installation of the brand in the Valencian Community. Vicente Fernández, Commercial Director of the company, said: "We appreciate the great commitment that this friendly group has once again made for our products, which stand out above the rest."

"Bingo Gorrión is always one step ahead so we are looking forward to installing it in the other Alzis Bingos in the next few days," concluded Fernández.

Source: GMB