MAR 24 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2020 - 04:11hs.
Yesterday, Sunday (13)

Copag celebrated the “Day of the Deck” with Live on YouTube full of prizes and fun

Cards fans were able to kill the nostalgia in a superlive that was broadcast yesterday (13), on the Official Copag Channel on YouTube. The special event was hosted by Davi Lopes, who invited spectators to participate, live, in the contest “Oh, I miss you”, talking about what they miss on this “Day of the Deck”. There were also curiosities about letters and nostalgia, as well as prizes. Copag prepared more brand actions to accompany this very special day.

The “Day of the Deck” came about in 2013 because of ‘Baralho 139’, Copag's flagship and a favorite of Brazilians. The success was so great that it generated a movement celebrated until today, as the letters go beyond a competition and have already become an affective memory, which refer to fun memories and mark generations.

With social isolation, many people surrendered to card games, recalling playful moments with family and friends. The result was a 60% increase in the number of downloads on Copag game apps in quarantine, compared to the same period in 2019.

‘Baralho 139’ Special Edition

The theme chosen to celebrate the 7th “Day of the Deck” was “nostalgia”, with a special edition of the ‘Baralho 139’. The theme aims to soften this moment of social isolation and invite consumers to remember habits that needed to be readjusted, such as: meetings at friends’ home to play cards or even ‘truco’ tournaments in a bar.

The deck underwent a change in visual identity and was developed to attract diverse audiences. The cards bring messages that refer to the longing to play Buraco, Truco, Poker, Blackjack and other games popularly known by card lovers. The special edition of ‘Baralho 139’ was a gift when purchasing any product at Copag's online store yesterday (Sunday 13).

Consumers had the chance to check out other exclusive promotions this Sunday: purchases made at Copag's online store above R$ 139 (US$26), were be entitled to free shipping, and all products of the 139 line had a 13.9% discount.

12 thousand pizzas boxes personalized

What is more democratic to gather family and friends than a pizza? With that in mind Copag selected some pizza stores in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and Goiânia for a mega action that took place on Saturday (12). A total of 12 thousand fully personalized pizza boxes were accompanied by a detachable ‘truco’ game marker and a deck with phrases that refer to the longing to play, inviting people to get involved in the “Day of the Deck” while enjoying the pizza.

Nostalgia Live

Last Sunday, at 7:00 pm, the cards fans were able to kill the nostalgia in a super live broadcasted on the Official Copag’s YouTube Channel. The one in charge was Davi Lopes, who invited spectators to participate live in the contest “Oh, I miss you”, talking about how they were missing this “Day of the Deck”. There were also curiosities about cards and great prizes.

About Copag

Copag, a company with 112 years in the market, is a leader in the playing card segment in Brazil and worldwide. The company has been part of the Cartamundi Group since 2005 and has a broad portfolio, which also includes children's games, youth games, collectible cards, personalized cards and game accessories, comprising more than 100 products. Official supplier of the World Series of Poker decks, the biggest and most important card game tournament, Copag is present in 12 countries and in the most prestigious casinos and championships in the world. The company is also present in the digital market, with free apps for iOS and Android.

Source: GMB