JUE 22 DE OCTUBRE DE 2020 - 02:41hs.
Rapper Carlão reinterprets the song “A Tourada”

“Never miss a good bet” is the motto of new Betclic’s campaign in Portugal

Betclic releases the new “Never lose a good bet” advertising campaign in the Portuguese market, in which rapper Carlão reinterprets the song “A Tourada”, originally written by the poet Ary dos Santos and immortalized in the voice of Fernando Tordo. The bookmaker's video clip takes place in a boxing ring, where several characters appear, always with Carlão's voice as background. Check out the campaign spot here.

"From mermaids to makeup artists, without forgetting the usual waxing or rounds of glasses, the creative concept is intended to remember the good times we spend when we place a bet with friends, regardless of who wins, loses or just watches," explains Betclic in a press release.

The campaign has the creativity of FunnyHow, creative direction by César Sousa and André Leite, with production of 78. For now, it will be launched in mass and thematic media with a one-minute spot. In a second phase, the campaign will come out on billboards and digital, as well as on Betclic's social networks.

“We continue to praise the anonymous heroes who enter the stakes for passion. We give a stage to those who, voluntarily or not, magnify these stories, those who win, those who lose, those who testify, those who comply and even those who do not know what they are missing. Because this is the mixture of passion and courage that has the power to turn any bet into an epic moment, because everything else is bullshit,” said Miguel Domingues, Communication Manager at Betclic Group.

Source: GMB