DOM 27 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2020 - 13:16hs.
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Brazilian Senator Angelo Coronel again defends gaming legalization

Senator Angelo Coronel used again his social networks to defend gaming legalization in Brazil, as he considers that new revenue would allow to reduce taxes and generate more jobs and income. Colonel believes that illegal gambling currently moves R$ 60 billion (US$11.3bn) per year in Brazil. In a recent interview with GMB, the congressman, elected with almost 4 million votes, was categorical in saying that 'it is past time for Brazil to legalize this sector.'

According to Angelo Coronel, “illegal gambling today moves about R$ 60 billion (US$11.3bn) a year in the country. Legalization has the potential to generate more than 1.3 million direct and indirect jobs, in addition to R$ 20 billion (US$3.8bn) a year in taxes. With new sources of funds, it is possible to reduce taxes and have more jobs and income,” he wrote on social networks.

Regarding the resistance that the sector face in Congress, especially by the evangelical bench, the senator said that “there are obstacles on the part of some parliamentarians, although some do not express this. We need to convince these benches, especially the evangelical ones, to vote rationally,” he said.

For Coronel, “Brazil needs alternative sources of revenue to improve its economy. Taxes are only reduced if we create new sources and one of these will be the tax collection of gaming.”

On his social networks, Senator Angelo Coronel received several comments reinforcing the importance of legalizing this activity and incentives for him to continue fighting for this cause.