SÁB 26 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2020 - 09:50hs.
The bookmaker realizes fan dream

NetBet took four fans to the opening game of Vasco's new Training Center

NetBet scored a great goal with Vasco da Gama fans, a team that the bookmaker has sponsored since 2019. The marketing action carried out on social networks led four fans to the opening game of the new Vasco da Gama Training Center (TC), in Rio de Janeiro. NetBet took them not only to watch the event, but to enter the field and play a game with names like Roberto Dinamite and Donizete Pantera, idols of the club.

The winners, who needed to follow @netbetbrasil and comment on the promotion photo on social networks and register on the website br.netbet.com, competed among more than 6 thousand comments and thousands of participants. In addition to the experience of inaugurating the training field playing football, they received an official TC shirt with shorts and training socks, kit with backpack, mask and alcohol gel.

"NetBet is more than a bookmaker. We believe that the experiences lived by our users are fundamental for strengthening the relationship between all those involved. Our goal is to bring more emotion to the sport," comments Marsio Schneider, NetBet Marketing Manager Brazil.

"An unforgettable event, a dream come true," comments Luan Lima, one of the winners of the promotion, who could not believe how lucky he was to be there on such an important day in the history of his club.


"Being part of Vasco's history and being one of the first goalkeepers to play in the TC football goal was an experience that will stay for life," says Roberto de Freitas Junior.


NetBet has been intensifying its brand in the Brazilian betting market. The company is constantly upgrading to ensure reliability, diversification, fun and a lot of emotion for users, while also providing easy access, investment, and possibilities of gains.

With sponsorship with football clubs, in addition to believing in sports, athletes and fans, the brand expands its visibility by being present in uniforms, stadiums and the media on the pitch. In this way, the company is personally strong in the sports universe, in addition to being recognized in the bookmaker market, with its website and app.

According to data from Netshoes, which operates the Vasco da Gama sales website, in 2020 the club became the biggest seller of jerseys on the first day after the launch. The vast majority of Vasco’s fans have opted for the shirt with the NetBet logo, produced by Kappa.

Source: GMB