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According to CEO Sérgio Alvarenga

Intralot aims to open 80 sales points per month, generate 2,500 new jobs in MG for 2021

Intralot, in partnership with Loteria Mineira, celebrates 10 years of operation of Keno Minas in the State. According to its CEO in Brazil, Sérgio Alvarenga, the modality has already reached the amount of R$600 million (US$114m) distributed in Minas Gerais. For 2021, the firm's expansion plan includes opening more than 80 stores per month in the state. 'In addition to transfers to the Lottery, we will generate more than 2,500 new jobs through our resellers,' he says.

The lottery modality, which brings entertainment to the bettor and distributes at least 70% of the values of the prize bets, also ends up being an excellent business option in view of the impacts caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

According to data from Fundação João Pinheiro (FJP), the GDP of Minas Gerais showed a significant negative variation of 9.8% in comparison with the previous quarter. In relation to the same period of 2019, the fall was even bigger, 11.2%. In the year, the accumulated decrease is 6.6%. In other words, faced with this scenario, having alternatives to supplement income makes all the difference.

According to the CEO of Intralot Brazil, Sérgio Alvarenga, in an interview with Diário do Comércio, over these 10 years Keno has reached the amount of more than R$600 million (US$114m) distributed in Minas Gerais. "There are several factors that influence the average profit per point of sale, but we can say that we have some entrepreneurs who even profit up to R$ 20 thousand (US$3,800) a month", he reveals.

“In that decade, more than R$ 100 million (US$19m) were directly transferred to the Loteria Mineira, in addition to taxes and other benefits for the State. Our expectation, in our strategic plan, is to achieve an average annual growth of 25%,” says Alvarenga.

The businessman also highlights the importance of the partnership with the Loteria Mineira. "With irrefutable credibility, they are one of the oldest in the country, with 100 years of existence, in addition to being one of the first three to receive federal authorization to explore lottery games," he emphasizes.

Alvarenga also adds that over the years, Loteria Mineira has been financing social programs of great relevance to the State and recently transferred R$ 33 million (US$6.3m) to help the Department of Health in combating COVID-19.

“This partnership remains firm in the purpose of implementing the most modern and attractive lottery games in the Brazilian market, of providing quality and safe entertainment to the local people and of seeking continuous growth in the transfer of resources so that the State of Minas Gerais can continue investment in projects that aim at social well-being,” guarantees the general director of Loteria Mineira, Ronan Moreira.

For 2021, Intralot's expansion plan is to open more than 80 sales points per month in the State. "This is an important initiative, because in addition to generating the transfer to the Lottery, we will also generate more than 2,500 new jobs through our resellers," says the CEO.

Online platform

A big news from Intralot is the Keno online platform. “We invested a lot in technology, hardware and software. Today, we provide bettors with lots of fun and prizes without leaving home. This also allowed us to enter into innovative and important partnerships in the format of affiliation with Atlético Mineiro and América Mineiro, among others,” concludes Alvarenga.

Source: Diário do Comércio