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Connecting brands

"Betcris' visibility has been fantastic in the Brasileirão bringing it closer to the bettors"

Müller SportMedia is a Brazilian company with only one year of experience, but it scored a goal by signing an agreement to be Betcris’ agency in the country. 'The company chose not to sponsor teams, but to advertise in the Brazilian Championship to have national visibility and this is happening with great intensity, making Betcris known throughout Brazil,' says Gabriel Müller, founder of the company. In this interview he talks about his vision of the market and sports marketing.

GMB - First of all, tell us a little about Müller Sport Media.
Gabriel Müller - Our company was born just over a year ago. I come from the sports marketing area and in July last year I founded Müller to offer differentiated service and fulfill a mission that we define for the company, which is to connect brands and their consumers to the best sports properties and their respective audiences, creating long term meaningful relationships.

Is that what brought you closer to Betcris?
For sure. Our work with Betcris was in this sense and offering them the Brasileirão was the right decision, as they achieved national recognition. Visibility has been fantastic on both open TV and pay-per-view. The contract for the Brazilian Championship is for four seasons and shows how much the company is believing in the market. One of the reasons for the choice was the fact that the Serie A has a very high visibility in Latin America as a whole during a very long period (until February 2021) and the brands are seeking to approach audiences in a sustained and perennial way.

Is Betcris currently the only sports betting in Müller’s portfolio?
It is our first experience in the gaming field. It is an incredible and very important partner, a reason for which we want to serve them in all their expectations. We started receiving contacts from the same segment for the work we are doing with Betcris. There are conversations because the brands are very curious about what we did with them. But we prefer at this point to focus on Betcris and which is with the A Series. As other products appear, we will look for opportunities.


Football is very plural in Brazil. What can this generate to the company keeping an eye on the possibilities of increasing visibility?
We do not want to conflict with brands in the same areas, which is why we seek to offer other products to other brands. Football in Brazil has several aspects. There are many teams and other formats, such as futsal and women's championships, that can also be focus of our performance. We have conversations with teams that are looking for this segment and our goal is to understand what each team has to offer. It is important that the team has a database to offer to a sponsor.

What is the role of the consumer in a partnership process like that of Betcris in the Brazilian Championship?
In the sports sponsorship area, we have a series of top-tier products and any negotiation will depend on the two ends of the business. Sport brings visibility to a brand combined with a narrative, a story. When a brand is associated with a club, championship or athlete, there is a wealth of exchange with narrative for the audience, which is interested in history and content. I see that the sport will always be alongside strong brands. The sports betting area focuses on this type of vision. And be perennial, not punctual. The long term is fundamental to the success of a marketing campaign like Betcris. Serie A was chosen by them to enter the market and Betcris became an advertiser in the Brazilian Championship for all Serie A games. They, by strategy, did not choose to advertise in teams, but in the championship, to have national visibility. Brands associated with the sport are forever due to the dedication and struggle of a team or the strength of a championship. The fruits in this sense are the result of successful partnerships. I think that few brands would be able to give us as much visibility as Betcris, for its dedication to the market where it operates.

The eSports segment grew a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you also eyeing this market?
One area that has grown a lot in this period is eSports. Brands are eyeing this market and we are already working in this segment, which has different habits and customs and whose audience has grown a lot. There are several modalities and digital influencers, so we are looking to better understand this segment to act more consistently in this vein. We also have partnerships with football, volleyball, and basketball teams, which may open up new opportunities to operate. We are acting as consultants in the eSports area and looking for streamers and influencers to offer products. We analyze the potential to offer brands that also have a strong appeal to consumers.


How do you see the regulation of the gaming sector in Brazil and the growth possibilities of your company in the segment?
The regulation of gaming in Brazil is the focus of companies and we need to be aware of this to offer long-term partnerships. The goal is to offer the construction of a brand. Sports marketing is a millionaire sector and has great challenges. The main thing is to connect sports brands and what they have to offer to advertisers. They need to know the delivery possibilities they have. Communication well done is important for this. The regulation of the gaming sector is moving forward and it is interested in taxes and job creation and this may increase marketing actions in the sports market. In other words, we see it as a very promising sector for Müller.

Source: Exclusive GMB