DOM 29 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2020 - 21:49hs.
Eddie Morales, BetGames.TV LatAm Sales Director

“The biggest excitement for almost everyone you will ask for would be Brazil”

The current COVID situation has pushed many gambling firms to finally jump on the digital trend, with LatAm jurisdictions still working on regulations to tax the activity. That was one of the topics of the conversation of Becky Liggero Fontana, from Calvin Ayre, with Eddie Morales, BetGames.TV’s LatAm Sales Director. With wide experience in the region, he also commented the expectations about the Brazilian market: “It is the most exciting prospect of the region,” he stated.

“Its not a miracle that Latin America is pushing hard during these times. Its because the region has been run a lot by the land based business, a lot of the evolution to the digital business has been, unfortunately but also fortunately, pushed by the COVID reality”, BetGames.TV LatAm Sales Director Eddie Morales commented to Becky Liggero Fontana, from Calvin Ayre.

Morales went on to explain that BetGames.TV has a strong B2B live casino offering for Latin American operators, providing a unique opportunity to cross-sell between online sports betting and casino games.

“We offer in a number of markets virtual games that are really appealing for a lot of the players that already are using sports book. Sports betting is hugely popular in Latin America, the mechanics of working with a fixed odds model really makes us very successful in the cross-selling of our product”, he pointed out.

“We can say that 80% of our players at least are also sports book players…[the games] have the same mechanics that you make a bet on a sports book event and just basically you bet on a different event- its streamed directly from our studios”, Morales added.

When asked what Latin American regions excite him the most, Morales said: “I think all of them excite me, to be honest.” Naturally he is cognizant of the regions where he’s currently making the most sales, but what really, truly excites him are the regions with potential for the BetGames.TV product in the future.

“The biggest excitement for almost everyone you will ask for in terms of potential would be Brazil because Brazil is a continent within a continent and basically the whole of the country has the population – the culture the identity – that really makes a big difference with the rest of Latin America”, he said.

“Brazil is the most exciting prospect, but also I would say that Colombia is really, really interesting for us right now because we are going to be certifying our products under the live casino recently regulated category”, Morales revealed.

“Colombia I would say is the most complete, regulated market in the continent. It will be also setting up a good stepping stone for the rest of the regulated markets to come”, he said. “And at the moment we are already working very good with some partners in especially Peru and Mexico”, he added.

Throughout 2019, Morales spent a huge amount of time in Latin America, traveling around to different industry events in the region and meeting face-to-face with current and potential partners. Unfortunately, as we all know, 2020 has put a damper on our global travel and in-person events due to COVID, but Morales is still pushing on and growing the BetGames.TV LatAm footprint in other ways.

“Obviously its all about relationships. Relationships build even if you don’t see people face-to-face. It takes a bit longer, but they still are happening,” he revealed. “We kept on growing our relationships, the word of mouth of our product is the biggest and most valuable tool we have on hand these days, apart from the advertising or the press we get from media”, Morales concludes.

Source: GMB / Calvin Ayre