DOM 29 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2020 - 22:21hs.
Beto Sadalla was interviewed by Amaury Jr.

Representative of Enjoy and Wynn in Brazil defends casino legalization in the country

Entrepreneur Luis Alberto “Beto“ Sadalla, who in Brazil represents the casinos Enjoy (Punta del Este), Wynn-Encore (Las Vegas) and Monte Carlo, gave  an interview to Amaury Jr. popular show to talk about the current activity of casino hotels and strongly advocates the reopening of gambling venues in Brazil. He has arguments and research on how much the country loses in jobs, taxes, and entertainment, with this reluctance to reopen the industry.

Sadalla is one of the most qualified Brazilians who are fighting for the reopening of casinos. There are arguments and research on how much the country loses in jobs, taxes, job functions, showbiz, entertainment, with this reluctance to reopen the casino hotel industry. While the misinformed and misguided are opposed to the return, Sadalla is taking care of their represented and is today an essential figure when effectively thinking about the regulation of the sector in Brazil.

“In my opinion, it is absurd for Brazil not to have released casinos in the country until today. In developed countries, there are casinos. You walk a block in London and find one. Here in Latin America, there is Uruguay, Paraguay… Brazil receives 6 million tourists per year despite all this biodiversity. The Eiffel Tower alone receives 15 million! Las Vegas receives 40 million visitors,” explains Sadalla during the interview with Amaury Jr.


For Sadalla, many people are giving a negative opinion about the legalization of casinos without even doing a case study. He warns that mechanisms exist to protect the player and the population as a whole. “In a pessimistic view, the implementation of a casino would raise R$20 million (US$3.6m) per month in taxes. Can we despise that money? It would be used for public safety, health, education, etc. How many direct and indirect jobs would live on that?”, says the Brazilian.

The businessman also announced the enthusiastic return of the casinos he represents to the entertainment scene. Monaco and Wynn have reopened but Enjoy is scheduled to re-enter for October. The ex-Conrad is organizing to return in style, including in his schedule a show of Brazilian star Roberto Carlos and many international names. Enjoy's management wants all Brazilians back, with the advantage of Uruguay being one of the few countries in Latin America spared from the severity of the coronavirus crisis.

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Source: GMB