SÁB 28 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2020 - 07:51hs.
Peter Nolte - Salsa Technology’s CEO

"Brazil should grant a betting license to all operators that achieve certification"

In an interview with news portal Gaming Intelligence, Salsa Technology’s Peter Nolte stated that the regulation of sports betting is something irreversible in Brazil and that the firm is getting ready to be “the first certified company in the country. This is extremely important for us.” According to him, with the regulation process “the government can select the best operators, generate taxes and legalize an activity that today is out of law generating revenue outside the country.”

Recognized by the news portal as one of the greatest specialists in the gaming sector and with a lot of knowledge of the Latin market, Nolte explained that the regulation of sports betting has no going back: “there is a law with a two-year time frame for regulation. This means that the regulation should come out at the most two years after the promulgation. Therefore, the regulation of the law is irreversible. It will pass, yes or yes,” he sentenced.

According to him, the transfer of regulations to the Ministry of Economy was “excellent news”. In his assessment, this represents a direct support from President Jair Bolsonaro to the regulation of betting in the country.

"The best that can happen to Brazil is to open up, not to fear regulation, and to allow all operators to achieve certification and obtain a license," he said. According Nolte, it will be excellent for the government, because with this process “it can select the best operators, generate taxes and legalize an operation that today is not legalized”, but which is still producing outside the country.

Salsa Technology has a clear focus on Latin America, ranking the company within the Top 10 in the video bingo market with specific games for Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Colombia, "that work absolutely well in all these places," he said.

Nolte wants Salsa to be the first certified company in Brazil. “If not the first, we want to be one of the first. This is extremely important for us and we have to certify all of our content: sports platform, games developed by us and help providers to certify their games in Brazil,” he explained.

Even with the pandemic and social isolation, Nolte said that because of Salsa’s main focus as an online casino platform, performance has grown exponentially since March. “Most online operators were focused on sports betting. With the championships suspended, everyone started looking for other casino games. Thus, we have become the perfect solution for operators thanks to our content aggregation platform (GAP).”

With a single integration, an operator can add more than 50 providers and more than 5,000 casino games on the GAP platform. That is why, according to Note, since March the company has signed numerous contracts with operators and integrated more than 15 new ones. “We have a huge list of integrations with other operators, both local and international who want to enter Latin America,” he says.

With this success, Nolte highlighted that Salsa experienced an increase between 400% and 500% in GGR. "It was incredible, it is a very big growth, because everything was focused on the casino and we are very well prepared for that, as it is our business."

The alliances, according to  Nolte, were not limited to Latin America and expanded to Europe, where Salsa signed agreements in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Gibraltar and Spain.

Regarding sports betting, the company has already integrated the platforms of Sportradar and Altenar, in addition to being in negotiations with BetGenius and another company focused on sports. The idea is to integrate new bookmakers to give options to their customers to choose the best one for their interests. “The agreement with the platform can be made directly with us or with the platform provider. We integrate this content in exchange for a small commission for using the platform. The same with the casino content,” he explains.

Source: GMB / Gaming Intelligence