MAR 26 DE ENERO DE 2021 - 16:04hs.
Released this week

Maranhão Parcerias launches call for studies and projects for new state’s lottery

Maranhão Parcerias launched this Wednesday (12), the Public Call Notice No. 01/2021, which deals with the implementation of the Lottery of the State of Maranhão. In the form of the Private Interest Expression Procedure (PMIP), the objective is to collect studies and projects for the implementation of the state lottery service, the exploitation of which was attributed to the company Maranha Parcerias (MAPA), based on State Law No. 11,389, of 21 December 2020.

Maranhão is a state in northeastern Brazil, comprises dense Amazon rainforest and beaches along the Atlantic Ocean.

“With the announcement, we seek to obtain studies and projects of technical, economic-financial and legal feasibility that propose ways of implementing the Lottery of the State of Maranhão, as well as exploring its lottery games,” explained the president of MAPA, Antonio Nunes.

Those interested in participating must file an authorization request within 30 calendar days after the publication of the Notice in the Official Gazette of the State of Maranhão. Those who are authorized will have a period of 60 calendar days, counted from the publication of the authorization, to submit the studies to MAPA.

Consultations and document submissions can be made at Maranhão Parcerias - MAPA headquarters, located at Rua da Estrela, nº 473, Centro (Praia Grande), São Luís - MA, or through the electronic address: [email protected]. The complete information of the announcement and its updates are available on the MAPA website:

About the Lottery

The public Lottery service in the State of Maranhão was approved by the Legislative Assembly of Maranhão last December 17th. The service will be operated by the Executive, through Maranhão Parcerias S/A (MAPA), aimed at generating resources to finance socially relevant activities related to the promotion of the right to education.

This will not be the first time that the State will provide the lottery service. Since 1956, the lottery services provided by the State Executive Branch have been marked by suspensions and reinstatements. However, last year, the Supreme Court reanalyzed the matter and, within the scope of the Actions of Non-Compliance with Fundamental Precept 492 and 493, confirmed the understanding that the operation of lottery services is not exclusive to the Union.

According to the STF, the Union's private legislative competence to legislate on consortium systems and draws does not exclude the material / executive competence of the Member States and the Federal District.

Source: Official Maranhão Government's website