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Only for Brazilian TV broadcasts

EstrelaBet sponsorship now also reaches European football matches

EstrelaBet continues to invest in football, in this case in Europe. Sponsor of Botafogo and Coritiba n Brazil, the bookmaker has also been sponsoring since last weekend some games of the Italian and Spanish championships through Digital Overlay Advertising technology that allows to see the firm's brand in LEDs around the pitch but segmented only for TV broadcasts for the Brazilian territory.

The match between S.S. Lazio and FC Internazionale Milano validated by Serie A of the Italian championship marked the premiere of the virtual presence of the betting house on the LEDs around the pitch.

The advertising system was contracted with the international firm Project11, a global sports marketing agency, for some Italian and Spanish games that are broadcast on local TV with rights on channels such as ESPN Brasil.

Project11 feeds Americas with digital overlay of the advertising board, technology platform that modify the regular transmission delivering virtual multiplication of the perimeter advertising space to multiple international markets.

This technology gives advertising partners a wide range of options such as the individual approach to target groups in different regions and the possibility of acquiring different partners per region for the rights-holders.

The investment is part of the brand's expansion strategy, which has more than 400,000 active users and is today the betting platform that gains the most market in Brazil.

Our idea is to reach the entire football audience, including European football fans, through the various technologies that allow us to direct campaigns,” says Fellipe Fraga, Operational Director of the firm.

EstrelaBet is an entertainment company working with traditional sports betting, with fixed-quote and several possibilities for guessing. The focus is to enhance for the customer, through betting on the site, all the experience he has during a football match, with possibilities of financial gain.

The brand is now a national reference in Brazil, with the entire structure located in the noblest region of Belo Horizonte, a team with more than 100 employees. Service, experience, agility in support, the struggle to solve customer problems and reduction of bureaucracy are the main points when the EstrelaBet website is mentioned, which, incidentally, is strongly recognized for this quality.

Founded in 2019 by the former Metropolitan group, it received the name CanUBet, when it conquered its place in the betting market. After merging with Grupo Stars, it underwent a rebranding process turning it into EstrelaBet, changing its name, gaining even more strength and exerting strong dominance in Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul.

Source: GMB