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Exclusive survey by Globo offers complete profile of Brazilian gambler

In Brazil, sports betting grows from R$2 billion (US$360m) to R$7 billion (US$1.25bn) in three years. The Organizações Globo portal published the exclusive survey “Brazilian Gambler: the sports betting market in Brazil” with data that reveal all the preferences of the local bettor. How often does he play? How much he spends? What does he feel when gambling? How much does advertising influence? Did he bet more or less during the pandemic? What sports or tournaments are his favorites? The answers to all these questions in this special article.

Sports betting has become a consolidated activity that grows 11.5% each year. In 2020, the global market was valued at US$59.6 billion - it could reach as much as US$127.3 billion in 2027. In Brazil, the numbers are also encouraging. With the regulation of sports betting, the country could become one of the main markets in the world, taking into account the size of the population and the passion of the Brazilian people for sports.

Games Magazine Brasil offers all the results of the research “Brazilian Gambler: the sports betting market in Brazil” survey, which took place in June this year with data from Industry Insights - Telecom, Platforms and Education Services – and that Globo recently published.

The bets are increasingly attracting the attention of Brazilians and the sector's turnover went from R$2 billion (US$360m) in 2018 to R$7 billion (US$1.25bn) in 2020. At the same time, the increase in the search for related words and terms follows the growth curve of the advertising investment of brands in the betting market, by all means.




Sports Betting Market - All Media

The sector is increasingly competitive and the growth in advertising investment proves this movement. With market consolidation, it is important that interested brands take advantage of this high visibility.



In addition to sports betting, Brazilians also invest in:

69% - Federal Lottery
38% - Fantasy Game
36% - Casino online
33% - Informal bet on various subjects (worth money but not on a website)
32% - Bingo online

In the fantasy games area, as expected, Globo's CartolaFC, which explores the games in Brasileirão football championship, is in first place, with 78% of respondents by Industry Insights indicating that they play fantasy, while 57% do so in the ESPN Fantasy.

Among the 36% who play online casino, the modalities that bet frequently are:

78% - Rolette
66% - Blackjack
64% - Table games
63% - Slots
61% - Video Poker
50% - Live games with dealers

For Brazilians, betting online is:

67% - Entertainment
43% - Business
38% - Sport
Also mentioned: 23% games of chance | 12% something illegal

Main motivators for sports betting are FUN, INCOME and CONNECTION.

-For 60%, betting is a form of fun
-52% use it to increase income
-1/3 bet to connect or socialize with friends
-12% of respondents stated that sports betting is their MAIN SOURCE OF INCOME

Player profile measured by betting frequency

18% - SUPER HEAVY USER / 7 times a week
16% - HEAVY USER / 4 to 6 times a week
48% - MEDIUM USER / 1 to 3 times a week
18% - LIGHT USER / 2 to 3 times a week or less

Kind of gambler

55% MODERATE - I preserve the security of my bets, but I like to take chances sometimes
33% CONSERVATIVE - I avoid taking risks
12% AGGRESSIVE - I usually take risks in search of higher returns

Engaged bettors

38% made sports bets in the last 7 days
30% declared to have placed a bet yesterday

Only 9.8% of bettors placed their last bet within a period between 3 and 6 months.
The main reasons are:

51% - I'm saving in the economic scenario
27% - I'm tired of losing
20% - I only bet on special games
18% - I lost money and stopped playing


18%  - Up to R$ 30
17%  - R$ 31 to R$ 50 range
9%    - R$ 51 to R$ 70 range
18%  - R$ 71 to R$ 100 range
17%  - R$ 101 to R$ 200 range
9%    - R$ 201 to R$ 500 range
10%  - More than R$ 501
*Only 2% do not use real money and only wager with bonus or play Money


Among survey respondents, more than half claim to have started in the sports betting world during the pandemic

59% started betting a maximum of 12 months ago
13% started between 12 and 18 months
28% are gamblers for over 18 months

Even in the face of the pandemic scenario, people continued to bet. With more time available to dedicate, 27% of respondents increased the amount of bets. For 18% of them, the pandemic has not affected their way of betting. Among the most cautious, 22% opted for bets with less risk and 21% decreased investment in betting.



51% - Excited
48% - Confident
44% - Anxious


61% - Happy
52% - Excited
43% - Lucky
21% - I take this opportunity to play more


45% - Frustrated
37% - Sad
31% - Unlucky
27% - Angry
22% - Play again to recover what I lost
20% - I don't play for a while
20% - Unmotivated

Diversifying investment

How many gambling sites do you have a membership? The Brazilians replied:

26% - 1 site
33% - 2 sites
29% - 3 to 5 sites
12% - 6+ sites

CHOOSING THE FAVORITE BETTING SITE and the main factors by degree of importance

1st  - Speed in payments;
2nd - Incentive bonus (free bets);
3rd  - Wide range of ways to transfer values, deposits and withdrawals;
4th  - Best odds (quotes) of games;
5th  - Largest number of sports, games and markets within each game.



For 54.2%, the positive experience of friends is the item that gives the most security and confidence when opening an account on a sports betting site. 78% trust sites that friends use or refer to for bets.

Other factors are:

54% - Sites with secure connection certificate
49% - Positive reviews from specialized sites
41% - Partnerships with companies I know and trust (eg payment systems)
41% - Have a license from a regulatory authority
36% - Sponsor a known team, player or sport
28% - When I see some type of brand advertising on television
27% - When I see brand advertising on sports sites
21% - When I see brand advertising independent of the media


(Each respondent selected an average of 4 sports)

81% - Football
33% - Basket
29% - eSports
26% - Poker
23% - MMA
24% - Voley
21% - Horse Racing
21% - Box
21% - American Football
10% - Tennis



How do you find out about sports content to place bets?

56% - Sports TV shows
56% - Sites specialized in sports News
40% - Groups on social network
36% - Industry Specialists
32% - Consulting data and reports
32% - Influenced by friends and Family
30% - Through influencers

Channels used to monitor, in real time, the broadcasts of the events you bet on
(it can be simultaneously or not)

63% - By betting sites
52% - Social networks
52% - Pay TV channels
48% - YouTube Channels
46% - Open TV channels
*Still on the importance of communication for bettors, SporTV appears first in the list of favorite sports channels.


60% - bet on sports they like to watch
47% - modalities that they know in depth
47% - based on quotes and chances of winning
37% - modalities with a large offer of statistical analysis

*The ODD quotation is among the 3 main factors that influence the choice of sport to bet

*Team performance influences the willingness and/or frequency of betting for 67% of respondentes


Kind of bettor:

20% - Punter
19% - Trader
38% - Both
24% - Don’t know

Improve the experience

*Working with players who don't know which modality to invest in can be an opportunity. The survey found that 44% of respondents would like a tutorial for beginners on how to place sports betting.

The most popular bet types are:

55% - Simple bets
(You bet on a result, and if your prediction is correct, you win)

42% - Multiple bet
(Betting on two or more outcomes, eg two separate basketball games. Multiple bet pays only if the outcome of all your choices is correct)

36% - Double chance
(You choose two of the three possible outcomes (win, lose and draw) - which increases your chances of winning, but reduces your profit if you hit)


Main platforms with advertising circulation remembered

64% - Internet
54% - Social Network
48% - Pay TV
47% - Open TV
16% - Newspaper
16% - Foreign media
16% - Magazine
13% - Radio

*85% agree or totally agree that better known sites are more trustworthy and 72% like to see the brand actively engaged in advertising

Agree or totally agree:

71% - When I see advertising for a betting site that I don't know, I'm interested in knowing more
67% - Being impacted by the advertising of a betting site can motivate me to bet or visit the site
61% - I feel motivated to bet when I'm impacted by some advertising
57% - Television advertising has a strong influence on me
51% - I started betting after being impacted by advertising


What would drive you to increase the amount of online sports betting?

57% - Special bonus/cashback payments
44% - Access to more detailed analysis
44% - Easier payment
44% - Easier site to navigate and bet
*Only 9.8% said it would hardly increase the amount of bets

How to improve your experience?

53% - Pay winners faster
44% - Have more live game streams
43% - Provide updated statistics on all game modes
35% - Perform technical analysis and comments after matches


Authored by: Inteligência de Mercado Globo | Rafael Garey and Glauber Prado
Layout: Izabella Donafe, Roger Arruda and Daniel Frias
Edition: Tiago Lontra and Luiza Lourenço

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