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Towards the Brazilian iGaming Summit

Fellipe Fraga: "At BiS EstrelaBet will point out the importance of innovation for this sector”

EstrelaBet has been growing a lot in the betting segment in Brazil and participating in the Brazilian iGaming Summit will successfully crown the company's operations in the country. Felipe Fraga, director of EstrelaBet, sees the event as a moment to deepen the discussions about the activity. “BiS can heighten the debate so that the authorities involved understand the correct path for regulation,” he says.

GMB - Did the Brazilian market need to have a face-to-face event of this level?
Felipe Fraga -
The growth of the market is something that has surprised many around the world. Brazil has a rare potential in the industry, and having an event that involves local players is fundamental for the integration of all those involved.

Can the strength of BiS and its dissemination in the media help to understand that this industry should be legalized for the benefit of the country?
The legalization of the industry is undeniably essential for having, from operators to customers, greater security in relationships. BiS can elevate the debate so that the authorities involved understand the correct path for regulation and the creation of an adequate field of work.

What topics will Estrelabet cover or would like to develop on your panel?
We hope to contribute by pointing out in our conversations the importance of innovation and a holistic view of our business as a means of industry development.

How do you analyze Brazil's growth this year specifically in the gaming market segment where you work and specialize? What are your expectations for 2022?
Brazil has shown explosive growth, as if it were dissipating all the energy accumulated in the period prior to 2019. In 2021, we saw the strength of large industry players in the activation and construction of new tools. We hope that in 2022 the market will be consolidated as a cultural part of the people.

At what point do you see the local gaming market in general and its evolution in 2021 from a political and regulatory perspective?
We follow the discussions closely. As a lawyer, I could have contact with big names that are working together in regulatory debates, such as Udo Seckelman, and I could see that there is more space for listening than before, but there is still work to be done for them to understand regulation in a positive way and do not create legal barriers that impede the sustainability of the industry.

Were the results of your company's work this year as expected? Do you have plans in Brazil to grow and contribute more to the local market?
EstrelaBet's result came in several time frames that we traced above the metrics created thanks to the good team we have, led by our CEO João Gercozzi. The next year will be historic for EstrelaBet and consequently for the entire industry.

In the most recent discussions about gaming activity in Brazil, the main players believe that the country is closer than ever to regulation. Do you share the same opinion? Do you believe it is possible to approve all game verticals in Brazil during this next year?
I have been following them closely and I see that the regulation will not take long. But on the other hand, the fight for the health of the industry will continue, to prevent different pretensions, especially in an election year, from impeding the sustainable growth that we have traced throughout the industry.

All about the Brazilian iGaming Summit (BiS)

Due to the health crisis, several events, trade shows and congresses had to be postponed or even canceled throughout 2020 and 2021; however, with the advance of immunization across the country, things are slowly returning to normality. Thus, the Brazilian iGaming Summit (BiS) will take place at Espaço Boulevard JK, in São Paulo, on December 1st and 2nd with the strategic partnership of Games Magazine Brasil, and will be attended by investors and entrepreneurs from diferente sectors such as sports betting, communication, affiliates, lotteries and regulators. For the first time, it will take place in a hybrid model, with real-time broadcasts and big screens spread throughout the conference space.

To ensure the safety of guests, event organizers will respect all recommended health safety protocols. With this, BiS will be the return point of in-person events for the gaming sector in Brazil and a great opportunity to connect entrepreneurs of the gaming market to the country's political personalities and actors involved in the regulation process. They will discuss and analyze what will be the next steps to pass legislation for the sector, and what are the trends for the development of this market in Brazil.

For more information, enter the event's official website.

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