MAR 25 DE ENERO DE 2022 - 02:55hs.

VBET identifies franchise as low-investment opportunities for new operators

VBET made a special presentation about franchising possibilities at the Brazilian iGaming Summit. Sebastian Perrier, regional director of the company, presented the main characteristics of the business model offered by the firm. “For a new operator to enter the market and start from scratch, it will have to make very large investments. Or he can establish a partnership in the form of franchising to offer what is best today,” he commented.

VBET offers the sector a new format, still little explored in the world market, which is franchising, in which partners can receive all the necessary support from the company, as well as platform, system, payment methods and games, with the operator only seeking licensing and all marketing activities inherent to the business.

“This method makes the investment in launching a new gaming site infinitely smaller than developing games, creating or buying a platform, servers and everything else needed for a successful operation,” comments Perrier.

VBET offers this type of business anywhere in the world, in legal jurisdictions. “We currently have licenses in the world's main legal markets and all of this is available to our partners. Our products are available in more than 15 languages,” Perrier adds.

The regional director of VBET also said that the company currently has more than 8,000 casino games available, in addition to 45,000 games a year available for sports betting sites to explore.

“The integration of everything for our franchisees is very simple, fast and this guarantees a quick return on investment. In addition, the whole issue of revenue and profits from the operation is very transparent in this win-win relationship,” concluded Perrier.

Source: GMB