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André Ruiz – CTO of Super Afiliados

"With the regulation of sports betting, affiliation will be a pillar for Brazil"

Consolidated as one of the most important affiliation companies in the Brazilian gaming industry, Super Afiliados is ending a very positive year after a major overhaul in its structure. One of the results of this change was the award for Best Affiliate Program for Casino and Bingo Operators at the Brazilian iGaming Awards. GMB spoke with André Ruiz, CTO of Super Afiliados, about recent achievements, the moment in the affiliation industry, sports betting regulation and how to strengthen the gaming industry.

GMB - Super Afiliados started 2021 with a complete restructuring in the business model, team, customers, among other areas. At the end of the year, what were the results achieved after so many changes and how important were they for the company's growth?
André Ruiz -
The results were very positive, I would even say surprising, for this “first year” of work. Any restructuring requires a certain amount of caution and adjustments over the first few months or years. However, we already had a know-how from having been in the affiliate market and in the gaming industry for many years; this helped and guided us to make the best decisions and optimize the result.

The affiliation market was much debated at the Brazilian iGaming Summit, with an exclusive panel on the subject and with the presence of Super Afiliados. How important is it for the activity to gain space in debates like this? What is missing for everyone to see the affiliation as an ally that can help the gaming industry grow even more?
Undoubtedly, it is great to have an affiliation panel at an event as large and important as BiS 2021. In Brazil, we still don't have a very widespread affiliation culture among operators, as in Europe, for example. However, I believe that with time, regulation and along with the growth of sports betting sites in the industry and in the Brazilian territory, affiliation will be a very important pillar in Brazil, as it is in the rest of the world. I believe it is a matter of time for the national market to adapt more and more to the affiliation culture.


Among Super Afiliados clients, many are from the sports betting sector. Considering this, what is your position regarding the process of regulation of the activity that is underway in the country?
Regulation will be a great advance for Brazil, we have no doubts. It will be a big step forward not just for the affiliate market, but for everyone involved around the industry. Not to mention the country's economy, generating tax collection, thousands of jobs and, most importantly, legalizing and educating people to learn how to bet correctly and safely.

In addition to sports betting, online casinos are also in the company's range of customers. Do you expect the legalization of verticals such as casinos and bingo so that other players in these sectors can work in Brazil and develop their affiliation projects?
Yes. Of course we have to take it one step at a time, but we will continue to work so that it can expand and follow through with new regulations, involving industry companies in other sectors such as casino and bingo.

Super Afiliados was at the BIS participating in a panel, with a stand and even received the award. What is your assessment of the event?
It was the first and only event of the industry in the year in Brazil. We knew the event would be a success because we believed in the people involved with the organization. However, it surprised us and went far above expectations. In fact, we were also honored to receive the award for Best Casino and Bingo Operator, at the first Brazilian iGaming Awards, which was a great success with the presence of the main media in Brazil, distinguished and important figures in the sport. BiS was fantastic, it added knowledge, networking and a lot of positive expectations for 2022. It was excellent. Congratulations to those involved.

What are the company's plans for 2022 focusing especially on the Brazilian market, but also projecting its performance in the global gaming market?
For 2022, we want to continue what we started in 2021, following our strategic plan. We had an excellent year and we are on the right path, with the correct projections, very positive expectations, believing in the heated and emerging Brazilian gaming market. We focus on the domestic market, but we have to remember that our biggest customers are still on a global scale.

Source: Exclusive GMB