DOM 13 DE JUNIO DE 2021 - 10:52hs.
Sérgio Garcia Alves is the president

OAB of the Federal District creates Gaming Law Commission

The Brazilian Bar Association, Federal District Section (OAB/DF), created the Gambling Law Commission, with the objective of discussing the legal and market outlines of this important segment of the economy, which still suffers from a lack of regulation. Sérgio Garcia Alves, partner at Abdala Advogados and Master in Law & Technology at the University of California and in Regulation at the University of Brasília, will share the coordination with specialists Mirian Lavocat, Bárbara Teles and Filipe Senna.

The President of the Federal District Section of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB/DF), Délio Lins e Silva Jr., through Ordinance No. 15 of March 30, created the Gaming Law Commission and appointed the first board, ad referendum of the Full Council.

The president of the new collegiate is Sérgio Garcia Alves, Master in Law & Technology by the University of California, Berkeley, and Master in Regulation by the University of Brasilia. The vice-presidency is held by tax attorney Mirian Lavocat. Bárbara Teles will act as secretary-general and Filipe Senna Goepfert, assistant secretary-general. The OAB/DF follows the principle of gender parity in the composition of its board and commissions.


According to Délio, when creating this commission, “OAB / DF innovates because it perceives market trends and the importance of supporting improvements in legislation and legal models, as well as adopting public policies that bring more jobs, income and development to the country.”

Sérgio explains that the lawyers who make up the first board of the commission have studied and acted to improve the regulatory framework for gaming in the country. “We must work with a focus on promoting legal certainty for emerging and traditional modalities, attracting international investors, defining tax revenues, imposing rules for responsible gambling. Today, Brazil loses revenue. The Commission is open to the participation of colleagues interested in contributing.”

On the agenda of the new commission, topics such as sports betting, state lotteries and fantasy games will be discussed.

Source: GMB