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For social causes

AGClub7 launches project to benefit assistance entities in Brazil

As a way of contributing to society, offering part of the profit from its sports betting operations and other online games, AGClub7 has just launched the AG Solidário project, which aims to benefit social causes and institutions. Through a percentage of all bets on the website, the company will allocate funds to partner entities. The bettor does not pay anything more to be able to help, as the value comes from the revenues generated on the platform.

AGClub7, one of the betting sites that has grown the most in the Brazilian market, has just launched AG Solidário, a program to help causes and social entities. The initiative has the motto that says that “solidarity is horizontal: it respects the other person and learns from the other. Most of us have a lot to learn from other people. For this reason, together we will strive to increase the quality of life in society.”

In this spirit, the company created the AG Solidário program to contribute to social institutions that promote health, well-being and life for people. “AG Solidário is more than a project, it is making human beings' dreams come true,” explains the company in the presentation of its social inclusion project.

Best of all, the gambler spends absolutely nothing. From the revenue generated by their bets, the client indirectly contributes to AGClub7's partner entities, since the bookmaker directs the amounts to three segments in the assistance area.

One of the segments is the cultural one, in which AGClub7 helps institutions that promote education and quality of life for vulnerable and at-risk people, through socio-educational dynamics. In this area, the partnership is with Cores do Amanhã, a non-profit association composed of a group of educators, visual artists, graffiti artists, artisans, musicians, and artists from different areas that bring culture and citizenship through the arts, sports, and hip hop to the state of Pernambuco and other regions.

In addition to serving children, young people and families, the group has been seeking to do more targeted work for women artists and hip hop with the Grupo Cores Mulheres, which has been conducting training, actions and meetings that bring together women from within and outside the city.

In the sports sector, the Escolinha de Futebol Meninos de Ouro, located in the José Paulino neighborhood, in Recife, is the entity chosen by AGClub7. The institution currently serves 80 children aged six to fifteen years. It has an excellent physical space to develop jobs that help these young people acquire the necessary skills to be a good player in the future. The Aloísio Chulapa Recreative Center is used with a society field, a sand volleyball court and a swimming pool that is being renovated. Also used is the Training Center for businessman Zeca do Grão de Ouro, one of the partners in this project.

In the health segment, AGClub7 elected the Toritama (PE) unit of the Association of Parents and Friends of the Exceptional (APAE) founded in 1954, in Rio de Janeiro. It is characterized by being a social organization whose main objective is to promote comprehensive care for people with intellectual and multiple disabilities.

“Your bet has more value for those who need it. Win by helping institutions and social causes,” is the way AGClub7 invites its customers to take on the AG Solidário project.

Source: GMB