MAR 11 DE MAYO DE 2021 - 07:37hs.
Undefeated in professional fights

Boxer Esquiva Falcão is sponsored by KTO

KTO has just announced a partnership with the Olympic medalist Esquiva Falcão. Unbeaten in professional fights, the athlete also demonstrates obstinacy in his personal life. Recently the boxer made news for delivering pizzas made by his wife, Suelen Marques. With the fighting paralyzed because of the pandemic, he went after alternative ways to make money.

“Esquiva was silver at the London 2012 Olympic Games and is still famous for never having lost a fight during his career: there were 28 victories, 20 of which by knockout. And he continues to do what is necessary to always win even outside the ring. This claw caught the attention of KTO, which seeks to support teams and athletes who explore all possibilities,” says Cássio Filter, bookmaker's country manager.

The count of his 28 wins starts in 2014, when he enters professional boxing. Knocked out opponents include Americans Manny Woods and Malcom Terry JR, Mexican Jonathan Tavira, Frenchman Salim Larbi and Hungarian Zoltan Papp.



“Now I can be more focused on training. I don't have to worry about debt or what can happen to my family. That makes all the difference. To be a world champion, you need to be 100% dedicated to training, how the fight will be. And you can't concentrate when you don't know if you're going to be able to pay your bills on time. I am very grateful for the campaign made by the fans and KTO support,” states the fighter.

He is the son of ex-boxer Adegard Câmara Florentino, the ‘Brown Bull’, and younger brother of Yamaguchi Falcão. Encouraged by family members, he started training at the age of 13 and participated in other important events such as the Brazilian Championship 2007 (silver medal), South American Games 2010 (bronze medal) and the World Cup 2011 (bronze medal).


The partnership with Esquiva adds to other sponsorships by KTO, which also supports the football teams Cascavel and Santa Cruz, the male basketball team KTO / Caxias and the female KTO / Blumenau.

Source: GMB