MAR 11 DE MAYO DE 2021 - 07:40hs.
Sport Commission

Deputy Ribeiro requires Public Hearing to discuss eSports in Brazil

Federal Deputy Julio Cesar Ribeiro (Republicanos / DF) submitted a request to the Chamber’s Sports Commission (CESPO) for a Public Hearing to discuss electronic games in Brazil. He invited Daniel Cossi (President of the Brazilian Confederation of Electronic Sports - CBDEL) and Vlad Marinescu (President of the Brazilian Federation of Electronic Sports - IESF). The request will be dealt with today (4) and is pending decision by the Commission.

In his justification, the deputy explains that the increase in the popularity of electronic games triggered the emergence of the eSports market, that is, electronic sports. The industry, although recent, grows exponentially every year, with the emergence of international games competitions such as League of Legends, which is played on the computer.

Such competitions encourage the creation of teams of players from the most diverse places, who compete with people from all over the world. Therefore, there is an exchange of information and culture from all parts of the world, directly and indirectly connecting the five continents.

Therefore, the growing importance of electronic sports in Brazil and in the world is indisputable. It should be noted that the benefits of these games are related to the improvement of memory, motor and reasoning skills, they are examples of how the theme is relevant to the economy, sport and education.


  • Daniel Cossi - President of the Brazilian Confederation of Electronic Sports (CBDEL), president of the World Esports Consortium (WESCO), Member of the Esports Committee (Esports Liasion Group of the International Committee - IOC).
  • Mr. Vlad Marinescu - President of the Brazilian Federation of Electronic Sports (IESF) and Former President of SportAccord (GAISF)

"In view of the above, I request that a public hearing be held in this Commission, in order to discuss with representatives of the segment and civil society about the need to expand its practice and offer incentive mechanisms for its full development," says Ribeiro at Requirement 29/2021 that awaits deliberation today at the meeting of the Sports Commission.

Source: GMB