DOM 13 DE JUNIO DE 2021 - 11:44hs.

GamersCard launches APP of its card aimed at gamers

GamersCard, a special card developed especially for gamers, has just launched its mobile app, which brings together all of the card's available functionalities in one place. “We are delighted to announce that we have released the official GamersCard app. Now our card without bureaucracy can be requested directly by cell phone,” informs the company on its blog and social networks.

The focus of GamersCard is to ensure that players have a card without bureaucracy, always available and super accessible. Plus, full of benefits to buy games and tokens, subscribe to favorite streaming platforms, pay in-app purchases, shop in physical and online stores, and everything in between.

There are many features of the new application, which is already available for IOS and Android. With GamersCard in hand, the mobile app offers all the functionality in one place.

• Check card information

It allows to check balance, transaction history, personal data, limit, promotions and even ask questions in the help tab, with a chat available to answer any questions about GamersCard.

• Card reload
It is also possible to recharge the card balance directly on the app. Other methods such as Pix, bank transfer, bank payment slip and at accredited stores are available as usual.

• Transfers between cards

The app also allows transferring balance from one card to another; in case the user wants to send some amount to friends and other GamersCard users.

• Bill payment

The function of paying bills is also available in the app and the process is even simpler. Just copy the ‘boleto’ number in the app option and pay directly with the balance.

• Cell phone recharge

Top-ups are still available and can be done with a few steps. Just register the number in the app and recharge with the balance whenever necessary.

• GamersCard Club

Now the customer follows the tournaments scheduled in the GamersCard Club directly in the app easily never missing a competition.

• Store

A sector especially for partner stores was also included, with exclusive discounts for those who use GamersCard. Hyper Games already has several products available in the store and many more will be coming soon.

• Calculator

Many players need to calculate plays, odds and even card spending. That's why it was included a calculator with simulated quotes for deposits, chip redemptions on partner sites PokerStars and partypoker, as well as international transactions with the rates of the day.

• GamersPoints

The exclusive points program could not be left out of the app, so the customer can consult their GamersPoints statement, the accumulated total and even have an easy shortcut to redeem these points. Remembering that it is possible to exchange accumulated points for more than 3,000 rewards in stores or exchange them for balance on the card by selecting the cashback option.

It is possible to request the GamersCard directly by cell phone. Those who don't have it yet, just need to search for “GamersCard” in the Apple Store or Google Store, download the app and request the card there. There is no restriction or bureaucracy to have a GamersCard, just be over 12 years old and have a valid CPF. And also gets one year of free GamersCard Benefit Club.

“We are very happy to launch this new feature and we hope it will be one more way to make your life as a player even easier. Download the GamersCard application now and discover a new way to enjoy your card,” invites the company.

Source: GMB