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2021 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

Mobius Interactive’s deep dive into the Brazilian and Latin American iGaming market

Mobius Interactive has signed a lucrative sponsorship agreement to display its flagship brand,, on national TV in Brazil for the 2021 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, marking the company’s entry into the expanding Brazilian iGaming industry. The deal to display ads on Brazilian national TV opens a new front in company interactive’s campaign to conquer the lucrative Latin American gaming market.

Mobius Interactive has burst onto the scene of this booming market with its main brand, – based upon research and knowledge of the region. This strategic move will capitalize on the current surge in Latin America’s iGaming and Esports markets. This iGaming industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11.4% between 2018 and 2023, ultimately posting total revenues of US$6.29 billion.

This venture into the Brazilian market is well-calculated and perfectly timed. Mobius Interactive is pulling out all the stops in Brazil, getting in early to capitalize on this situational opportunity with tremendous growth potential. The agreement to display ads on Brazilian national TV opens a new front in Mobius Interactive’s campaign to conquer the lucrative Latin American gaming market.

With Globo TV, Brazil’s largest television station, Mobius Interactive is able to reach 99.5% of the country’s population of 211 million. Mobius Interactive’s partnership with Globo TV presents the ideal opportunity take full advantage of this market—a market set for exponential growth.

It is estimated that the Brazil World Cup qualifiers will attract about 35 million viewers per match on Globo TV. The highly anticipated game between Brazil and its archrival, Argentina, is projected to attract about 40 million viewers.

Mobius Interactive is capitalizing on these impressive numbers to push its brand in the Latin American market, taking full advantage of this vast audience and the football culture of Brazil, a soccer powerhouse with more World Cup victories than any other team in history.

The matches:

Chile vs Brazil (2nd September)
Brazil vs Peru (7th September)
Venezuela vs Brazil (7th October)
Brazil vs Uruguay (12th October)
Brazil vs Colombia (11th November)
Argentina vs Brazil (16th November)

Source: GMB