DOM 2 DE OCTUBRE DE 2022 - 16:58hs.
Developed by DRUID agency

eSports betting platform Midnite launches campaign to boost the brand in Brazil

For the launch of Midnite's gaming platform in Brazil, the Business to Gamer agency, DRUID, developed a campaign focused on the public that is crazy about sports, but also on the casual gamer based on entertainment innovations. With technological experience of the brand in the eSports segment, Midnite promotes different initiatives such as its product “Cash Mode”, the differentiated work of SAC and actions with influencers and gamers.

In addition to the "Sportbook", which follows the more traditional betting format, the communication highlights "Cash Mode", another product totally focused on personal entertainment that gives the participant the chance to be the protagonist of the challenges they select to face in the games Call of Duty, Dota2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, instead of just placing bets on teams or characters.

Another outstanding initiative that Midnite brings to Brazil is the differentiated work of the SAC, which also provides active customer service and can even contact users who use the platform excessively, with low positive performance, to try to understand which it is their mental situation and, if applicable, direct them to a specialized health professional.

As it is a customer that operates in the betting market, one of the main objectives of the communication is to win the consumer's trust. With this challenge in mind, DRUID developed different strategies to naturally bring the brand closer to its target audience, such as buying media and creating visual identity, pieces in different formats and working with influencers.

The campaign, therefore, counts with the participation of important creators of the game market, among them Alexandre, The darkness, Renato “Djoko”, Lindinho, Velho Vamp, Brunogameplay and Giovanni “Gio”, to support the national launch of the brand, helping in the learning dynamics in the use of the platform and in the process of building a relationship with the public.

“Our communication strategy is to ensure that Midnite will make its presence felt in the Brazilian betting market in electronic sports with responsibility, generating identification with the public and promoting new ways of relating to sports matches and even to their favorite games,” comments Felipe Felix , Director of Games and Entertainment at DRUID.

Source: ADNews